This Gray Bed includes floating bedside tables, attached to either side for a modern approach. Complete with an upholstered headboard in quality black leather for added luxury that doubles as comfortable support when sitting up. The chocolate toned timber also adds to the luxury finish.

Pictured here is the Gray Bed as a Queen, but can be made to any size.

Customise the bed to your personal requirements. Being bed manufacturers in Adelaide means you can personalise all of your bedroom

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Customer Variations

To follow are recent Gray Bed variations as selected by customers, all locally handcrafted by Nordic Design.

blackwood headboard (o9382)

king bed with timber headboard & timber box base and attached bedsides custom made bed

Grey Leather (O10116)

Single Panel headboard (o7406)

queen size timber bed made in adelaide with floating bedsides attached and fabric upholstered headboard

no bedsides (o8291)

large leather upholstered bed with black leather panels and black timber floating base

grey fabric (o8097)

luxury fabric upholstered headboard with floating timber base and attached bedside tables

3 row headboard (o8682)

custom king size bed with leather upholstered headboard and floating bedside tables made in adelaide

higher headboard (o8836)

custom king bed with leather upholstered headboard and attached bedside tables

custom headboard (o8784)

custom queen bed with timber frame and fabric upholstered headboard panel with attached bedsides

with storage (o8094)

king bed with low timber frame and leather upholstered headboard with base drawers

tasmanian blackwood (o8658)

king size bed frame with leather upholstered headboard and floating base with attached bedsides

Fabric headboard (o6929)

custom king size bed with leather upholstered headboard and floating bedside tables made in adelaide

chocolate tone (o9626)

4 BASE DRAWERS (09429)


WALNUT Timber (08475)

queen bed frame with timber headboard panel and attached floating bedside

Ensemble Option (09353)

leather upholstered headboard with timber bedside tables custom made in adelaide

Frameless HEADBOARD (07616)

Custom Made Timber Bed with Attached Bedsides and Fabric Panel Headboard


Custom Made White Leather Panel Bed Made From Australian Timber


Handcrafted Custom Bed Made From Australian Timber with Fabric Panel Headboard

Chocolate Finish (07392)

Custom Made Brown Leather Panel Bed Crafted From Australian Timber

Custom Gray (06122)

Tasmanian Blackwood Timber Floating Bed Custom Made in Adelaide

Two panel (09764)

Tasmanian Blackwood Timber Queen Bed with Two Panel Fabric Headboard Custom Made in Adelaide

base only (06945)

Tasmanian Blackwood Timber Bedframe Custom Made in Adelaide

Mountain Ash Timber (o7347)

luxurious floating bed with timber base and attached bedsides and black leather headboard with square panels


Gray Bed