This 2 door buffet is crafted using solid timber and designed with a slim frame to surround seamless doors. The crisp straight edges create a modern design, complete with push to open doors. The detailed timber grain highlights the quality of this product.

Pictured here is the Pannelli Slim Buffet at 1.2m wide but can be made to any size.

Using only quality hardwood timbers, we locally manufacture all of our buffets and sideboards. You can have your cabinet made to any size and with various internal features for easier storage.

We deliver Australia-wide, with delivery partners who closely understand Nordic Design Furniture, to ensure your peace of mind from our showroom to your home.

Customer Variations

To follow are recent Pannelli Slim Buffet variations as selected by customers, all locally handcrafted by Nordic Design.

2.1m, Tasmanian Blackwood (O6734)

custom timber buffet with 4 drawers and 4 doors made in adelaide

1.8m, Mountain Ash (O7818)

modern buffet in mountain ash timber with 4 doors and risen leg

1.0m, 2 drawers (O10030)

1.8m, 6 Drawers (O9206)

tasmanian blackwood buffet with 4 doors

1.7m, Glass Doors (O8667)

custom timber buffet with glass doors and drawers made in adelaide

2.1m, Two Tone Timber (ONDF)

3 door buffet in solid timber with light timber frame and jarrah doors

1.6m, Two Timbers (O9978)

custom made american oak two toned timber buffet with thin framing and 3 doors


Pannelli Slim