Celebrating the Halifax Sofa

Specialising in quality designer furniture is what we do… Particularly when it comes to lounges. With all of our products locally handcrafted right here in South Australia, you’re guaranteed to find exactly the sofa you’re after… So let’s tell you a little more about what we mean…


What makes a Sofa?

When it comes to selecting a sofa for your living space you might be a little stuck for what style to choose. It can be especially difficult if you’re looking for just the right mix of contemporary and traditional. Sometimes you have a specific colour palette in mind too (which can be impossible to fulfill). And then there is the issue of how much space you have… So many things to consider when selecting a sofa for your home.


The Halifax Lounge…

But we think we’ve got the perfect piece for almost anybody who is looking to update their lounge room. Celebrating the Halifax Lounge… A winning design, with many customers falling in love with its diversity… Originally, the Halifax is a solid, comfortable and cozy lounge that can suit most styles of home. Of course, as with all of our furniture, there is more than meets the eye… Let’s show you what we mean.

If you’re familiar with our brand, you would know that we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality furniture. With each item handcrafted in our Adelaide factory, this means you’re receiving the best in quality, but also the best in custom selections… As each item is handcrafted for you, you can determine your design, size, fabric or leather, level of comfort and any other details you wish to include!

Having this level of flexibility with the Halifax lounge has provided many customers with the sofa they’ve always dreamed of! Plus, it’s always exciting for us to see customer variations come through our doors, as the Halifax is such a fantastic starting point.


Make it your own

Firstly, there’s the original Halifax design, which has the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary design elements. Pictured here in soft fabric with button detailing across the back, it makes this piece truly special. Why not visit our Stepney showroom to see it up close?

The traditional Halifax

It doesn’t stop here though… There are endless opportunities to customise this sofa. From the smallest tweaks, to the most unique concepts, this sofa has the flexibility to transform itself into anything you envision. Whether you want it as a statement piece for your home, or to sit quietly for a cozier feeling – you can create absolutely anything you desire!

Consider a leather selection for something more luxurious? Or remove the button detailing to give a cleaner, modern finish? You can even modify the arm width and back height for the ultimate level of comfort… Pretty cool isn’t it?

Explore some of our favourite customer pieces that have been inspired from the Halifax design. While we’re only showcasing a few of our favourites, the options are truly endless… You can visit our showroom to see some more variations up close!


Introducing colour to your Sofa…

While at first, this design has more traditional than modern elements, there’s no stopping from brining this lounge to life with your upholstery. Seen here in various statement colours, it creates an entirely different presence for this lounge – making it a focus point for your home… A variation such as this would make a beautiful addition to a contemporary home… While ensuring you don’t lose the feeling of comfort!


Mixing colour and pattern….

While this sofa already has a grand presence due to its size and solid nature, you might want to give it some personality that reflects you? This is where we love seeing colours and patterns come together for the “wow” factor. Seen here are a few detailed fabrics which completely change the feeling of this lounge. It’s incredible what a fabric selection can do…

Colour and Pattern combinations


Matching pieces…

It’s quite clear we love this sofa as a focus point, but why stop there… With our Halifax chair you can have an entire suite to match! Add a chair or ottoman to complete your lounge room. And don’t forget what we said about custom sizing… Check out this very cute “mini” Halifax… There really is something for everyone.

Mini Halifax Chair


The base…

While we’ve spoken a little about size and upholstery (which are generally the most obvious features of a lounge), we’ve skipped over something equally as important… The base. Although less obvious, the base you choose for your lounge can certainly make a difference to your living area.

Seen here is a timber base, with open sides… Creating a softer, natural finish and bringing some space to your area. The rounded edges and smooth finish sit so nicely with a soft fabric choice too.

Halifax custom base

As always, it’s essential to select furniture that will compliment your lifestyle. Remember to consider where your lounge will sit and who will be using it. The Halifax is a lounge that will not only look stunning in your home, but it will stand the test of time. Made by the highest quality craftspeople, its made to last a lifetime. Plus, since you have the opportunity to be involved in the design process, you can create a lounge that provides the right style of comfort for you.


Visit our Stepney Showroom

Talk to us today about creating a Halifax design that’s just yours. There’s really no end to the options you have, especially when it comes to a piece as diverse as this one.