Choosing The Right Wood For Your Dining Table

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What is the best wood to use for your Dining Table? This is a common question – and a very reasonable one. The wood you choose for your Dining Table should be hardwearing and suitable for daily use. Because we know the significance of a Dining Table, we only use the best selection of hardwood timbers when crafting tables for our clients. The reason we are committed to these materials is because it guarantees a longer lasting product which can withstand continued use for many years. We do, however, always offer our clients the choice of timber selection so they are involved in the outcome from an aesthetic perspective.

As specialists in crafting Dining Room Tables and chairs for almost 50 years, we have the experience and knowledge when it comes to combining design and function. We’re particularly passionate about Dining Tables, as we understand the important role they play in your home. As a central point for families and friends to gather, we believe you should have a dining table worthy of these moments and memories. Being Custom Made, your table can incorporate special design features for a truly unique statement in your Dining Room.

solid timber dining tables in Adelaide

We handcraft each wooden dining table right here in Adelaide, meaning you’re able to be involved in the design process – from start to finish. And while the timber is an obvious design feature, you can also personalize the shape, size, and finish of your dining table. We enjoy working with customers to design custom Dining Room Tables. Have your table handcrafted to the perfect height and size – simply select from a range of options such as design, size, and timber to create your Custom Made dining table.

So let’s talk more about your options…

Design / Timber / Quality
While we offer many designs, there is also the option to customize a unique design, and allowing every element to serve a purpose. You may like a table base with a different style top or a two-tone timber effect? Perhaps incorporating an industrial feel with black features will suit the style of your home instead of a natural finish? It can all be achieved. While not normally considered as a “design feature”, the size of your table will impact the visual aesthetic. With each of our dining tables being Custom Made, this means the dimensions can be as big or small as you require. Something larger might be suitable for a Formal setting and a smaller design could work as an intimate meals area. And since each home has a different amount of space, it can make it difficult to purchase a standard Dining Table. With the option of being Made to Measurement, you can feel confident in purchasing a table that will fit your space perfectly and comfortably seat as many guests as you desire.

Dining Table Set

Constructed from quality Australian timbers, our traditional and modern dining tables are built to last. You may want to talk to us about designing a custom dining table for your home. There is no compromise when it comes to timber selections as we use hand-selected pieces of solid timber based on your chosen preference. The richness in grain and detail from our hardwood timbers is particularly special.

Our timber options include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones.

These quality selections of wood create a Dining Table that looks and feels high-quality. One of our favourite and most popular wood choices for Dining Tables is Tasmanian Blackwood. This hardwearing material showcases beautiful colour and grain variations which look stunning and emphasise the use of wood as a feature.

Our tables are all sealed in your preferred finish, which means there is a protective layer for your table’s surface. Whether you opt for high gloss, satin or a matte finish will also determine the overall look and feel for your Dining Table.

Have an insight into some of our tables on offer…

Pannelli Dining Table
The Pannelli Dining Table showcases the beauty of natural timber with the main feature of a timber-facing base, positioned on either end of the table. These panels mimic the same lines as the table top, with straight edges and an emphasis on the natural timber grain. The solid structure of this table creates a grand presence, no matter what size configuration. This Dining Table is made to be versatile. The simplistic design and clean lines offer themselves to various styles of dining chairs. The simplistic design also makes this table suitable for both Formal and casual dining settings.

Pannelli Dining Table with Dane Dining ChairPannelli Dining Table with Dane Dining Chair

Pannelli Dining Table – Blackwood vs Mountain Ash
Let’s explore the Pannelli Dining Table crafted in two of our most popular timber selections…

Tasmanian Blackwood Timber                    Victorian Mountain Ash Timber

Firstly, a popular choice of Tasmanian Blackwood is particularly complementary to this table design. The character grain and natural warm tones make it a timber choice that suits most colour palettes. Here you can admire the detail in the panel ends featuring elongated grains to emphasize the beauty of this natural material.

Alternatively, if you desire something lighter in look, why not consider Victorian Mountain Ash? The continuity in grain offers an even grain variation and the lightness in tone feels more fresh and modern. It will also add lightness to your Dining Room and give the impression of taking up less space.

Both tables pictured can easily serve as an 8 seater dining table, and because of the design simplicity, you can effortlessly enlarge the size to fit more seats. Being Made to Measurement, you have plenty of options with our Pannelli Table. Visit our showroom to explore some of the different variations on display.

Tasmanian Blackwood Table  Mountain Ash Table

Strata Dining Table
Another table design that’s highly versatile is the Strata design. The classic design makes a wonderful starting point for most variations. Combining a pedestal base and slim top with curved ends, this dining table suggests a casual feeling. It’s also well suited to most chair designs, due to the practical composition and design finishes.

You can incorporate a square end or rounded corners for a completely different finish. This pedestal base offers itself to a range of table tops because of its simplicity. Ideal as a small dining table but equally as impressive when made as a large dining table – this design is certainly adaptable.

Large Dining Table  Small Dining Table

Due to the modest design, it even transforms beautifully into an extendable dining table. This creates an opportunity for more flexible and spacious dining. Consider a dining table set offering seating from 4-8 people or perhaps larger to create a 10-12 seater dining table? Let’s explore the additional benefits of an extendable dining table…

Extendable Dining Tables
Are you considering an Extendable Dining Table? Here in our Adelaide furniture factory, we make strong and functional extension tables. We have extensive knowledge in extendable dining tables with almost 50 years of experience locally handcrafting them. In our showroom we have a variety of extension dining tables on display. This allows you to experience the craftsmanship and functionality up close.

Extendable Dining Tablesextendable dining table made in blackwood timber with upholstered fabric chairs  extendable dining tables adelaide made in blackwood timber with textured fabric chairs

More specifically, our extension mechanism is extremely comfortable to use. With central timber panels that appear from beneath and gently separate to form extra table top. This easy to use system ensures no strain on yourself or your table, meaning longevity of your piece. Let us demonstrate the functionality for you and discuss the design possibilities in store. We guarantee durability, comfort and function when choosing a Nordic Design extendable dining table.

Of course, each home (and dining table) is different. So consider the key features for your table – design, shape, size and timber. Leave the rest up to us to make your dream table into reality. Our experienced staff can offer advice and lots of visuals to help you envision your table before finalizing any choices…

So Many Options
Remember, your dining table will be used for all kinds of purposes on a daily basis. Whether it be a place for sharing meals, completing homework, or gathering with loved ones, your table should be made to suit every moment. And if you’re furnishing your entire home, why not consider matching pieces? We can design a Hall Table, Coffee Table, or custom cabinetry to complement the design of your Dining Room Table. Create a sense of cohesion in your Living Room by ordering a range of furniture pieces in the same design and timber selection.

Visit our large furniture store, located in Stepney, Adelaide where we offer plenty of design styles, with always something new to be inspired. You will also see a large range of our locally crafted Dining Chairs, made with the same timber as these wooden tables to really get the ultimate beauty of your dining set.