There’s always that one friend or family member who is known as the ‘entertainer’ for all events, big or small. Does this sound like you? What makes them the go-to is probably their setup… Creating the Perfect Dining Room for Entertaining involves a few things, but most importantly it’s your Dining Setting that will create the perfect atmosphere.

The first thing that comes to mind for entertaining is having the perfect Dining Table. Don’t you agree? The beauty of entertaining is bringing family and friends together to share food, conversation and create memories… And this all happens around your Dining Table. So what’s the perfect size table for an entertainer’s house? We think a 12 Seater Dining Table is the ideal size for hosting Dinner Parties (this will depend on your space of course). It looks like our customers agree this is the ‘perfect size’ too, as it’s always popular.

large dining table with fabric dining chairs made in Adelaide

For serious entertainers, having a Large Dining Table is essential. As a place to share good food and company, you really want something that will be suitable for all occasions – and a spacious 12 Seater Table is just that. At Nordic Design, we’ve had 50 years of experience crafting custom Dining Suites for our customers. As we use quality materials and crafting techniques, we can successfully build a Custom Dining Setting to your personal requirements.



At Nordic Design, we believe a Dining Table should be an investment. It’s an item you want to enjoy for many years – and not replace often. With families always growing, and the strong desire to have more celebrations at home, the choice of a Large Dining Table is becoming more and more desirable. And by choosing a quality table, means you’ll take pride in keeping it as part of your home for many years. Additionally, the choice of a 12 Seater option will mean your table can easily accommodate your ever-changing lifestyle and you’ll always be ready to entertain.

At Nordic Design, we have specialised in crafting Large Dining Tables for 50 years. And by using quality hardwood timbers and crafting techniques, we are confident in being able to offer our customers a superior product. Because of this, our Dining Tables are guaranteed to provide many years of enjoyed use and will adapt to changing trends.

We are especially proud of our Timber Selections. As we use natural hardwood timbers, the unique grain variations across each selection are simply stunning and reinforce a unique quality product. Some of the timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones. So in other words, the colour options are endless…

quality hardwood timber selections

And while each person will have different timber preferences, the outcome of owning a quality product is welcomed by all.

By choosing a 12 Seater Dining Table, our natural materials have the opportunity to shine through. Imagine a long table top, with beautiful timber grain spanning the length of your table’s surface… It serves as a piece of artwork in your Dining Space, while also working as something functional.



And if you’re hesitant at the idea of committing to such a large table, why not consider an Extendable Dining Table instead? Keep it closed for daily use when only few are in the house, and let it expand into a 12 Seater Dining Table for special occasions only. Choosing an Extension Dining Table can be especially practical if you have a shared Dining and Living space in your home, making it easily adaptable as required.

extendable dining table in Adelaide with mountain ash solid timber top and black open base

Not only is the Table important to your Dining Suite, but so are the Dining Chairs you decide to sit with it. The type of Chair you choose will ultimately determine the completed size of your Dining Set. While they need to be comfortable (and visually attractive), they also need to have enough room around them for easy access in and out of the Table. Depending on your space and personal requirements, we have Chairs with a slim profile which you might consider for pairing with a larger Table.

Of course, for those with a formal Dining Room, the vision of grand High Back Chairs might be more appealing to you. We have plenty of options (big or small), and can easily accommodate all requests – no matter what they may be. Or if you don’t see something that catches your eye, let us customise something especially for you.

12 seater dining table set made in Adelaide


Generally, a comfortable size for a 12 Seater Dining Table is between 3m – 3.2m. Of course, this all depends on the design profile you choose and what type of chairs you place with it.

Something else to consider is how spacious you want guests to feel when seated next to one another. For something that feels a little more comfortable, increase your dimensions slightly for that extra wiggle room.



When we think of entertaining, we envision good food, company, shared conversation and comfort. So, how can you achieve this in your own home?

It all starts with your Dining Setting… Whether in a formal dining room or as part of an open plan living space, your Dining Table (and chairs) will become the centre point for all gatherings. So why not invest in a quality Dining Suite that’s worthy for entertaining?

Visit our large Adelaide Furniture Store where you can see a range of table designs (in both small or larger sizes). Find the Perfect table design for your home and allow us to locally craft it to your specific size. Conveniently located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking), comfortably explore what we have to offer… Because creating the Perfect Dining Room for Entertaining is something to take pride in. Speak with our experienced and friendly staff today and allow us to craft something beautiful for your home.