As specialists in crafting quality dining furniture for almost 50 years, we have plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to what works… We’re particularly passionate about Dining Tables, as we understand the role they play in most households. It’s a central point for people to gather, so you should have a dining table worthy of these special moments.

In particular, we are passionate about handcrafting extendable dining tables (and there’s something particularly special about a Nordic Design extension table). See our popular Strata Extension Suite here. An elegant fully upholstered dining chair paired with the Strata Extension table, all handcrafted in Tasmanian Blackwood – a winning combination!

Let’s talk more about the benefits of having an extendable table…

Functional, Designer Dining

No matter if you prefer a simple design or something more detailed, we can help you create a design that’s functional and stylish. Do you have extended family or a group of friends that come around for special occasions? If so, then an extendable table is ideal. Make entertaining simplified and more enjoyable with unlimited space. Something that is the right size for everyday use but can be made bigger to accommodate more people when needed. Just let us know your requirements and we can help you determine the best design to suit.

Consider how much room you have in your dining area as well. Perhaps it’s an unusually shaped space or even a little narrow? We suggest no matter what kind of space you have, an extendable dining table is always a great choice. You’ll never run out of room for those big gatherings again – and of course it allows for the most comfortable dining experience imaginable, with plenty of room to move. We can transform almost any style of dining into an extension, so come in to see the wide range of options available.


The Technical Benefits

In our showroom we have a variety of extendable tables on display. This allows you to experience the craftsmanship up close. Our extension mechanism is comfortable to use, with central timber panels that appear from beneath and spread gently to form extra table top. This easy to use system means no strain on yourself or table, which ensures longevity of your piece. Let us demonstrate the functionality for you while talking you through timber selections and design possibilities. We always ensure durability, comfort and function when choosing a Nordic Design extension table.

Of course, complete the suite with designer dining chairs that are built to last a life time. Once again, you can customize these to your comfort level and with any upholstery and timber you choose. Your dining furniture should never compromise comfort, aesthetics or function – and at Nordic Design we understand that.

Each week we craft multiple dining suites – and specifically extendable tables. We love seeing different shapes and selections being combined to create unique settings. Why not come down and see what we have available? We also have a digital photo album with past creations over a number of years to show you…

Our Showroom is conveniently located on Magill Road, so come past and enjoy the quality of our products!