A modest furniture piece, the Hall Table can provide plenty of purpose in your home. The versatility of this table is often underestimated due to its (usually) smaller size. However, we see countless possibilities for your Hall Table to stand as a featured and functional piece.

Whether you decide your Hallway Table is purely a decorative piece, or if you want it for function instead, it can adapt to fulfill any purpose. To determine the style of your table, you first need to consider how you plan to use it.

Perhaps you require enclosed storage for smaller items? Or if you want the table as an attractive feature, maybe add shelving for decorative items to sit on? Another consideration is the amount of space you have. As we offer ‘made to size’ custom options, this means you can have a narrow, slender Hall Table if preferred, or a more substantial piece for a grander presence.


Of course, a Hall Table isn’t specifically for your hallway… This versatile piece can be used in many places in your home.

You may be looking for an Entrance Table? A convenient place to store your keys and wallet for daily access. Also, useful to leave lamps lit for returning home at night and creating a relaxed mood. You may even like to display treasured photos here, where you can see them every day before and after work. Not only will this become an item you use from day to day, but it will also make the first impression for guests when they enter your home.

Or maybe you’re looking for a Sofa Table? Ideal for an open plan Living Room, your Sofa Table can sit neatly behind your lounge and display decorative items to add height and dimension to your space, as well as be incredibly functional for popping a glass of wine on. Your Sofa Table can even be made to match the design of your Coffee Table.

sofa table and console table in living room setting

Otherwise, you might simply have a small nook in your home that needs filling. A small Console Table is a great solution to display a plant or decorative ornament. Embrace the interesting spaces in your home by adding personality to them.

For those who have a particularly long hallway, sometimes it can seem more challenging to decorate this space. A slim Hallway Table is ideal, as it draws the eye to a point of your corridor, creating dimension and interest. Especially once embellished with plants or decorative items, this table can serve as a beautiful feature in your hallway. The addition of a table will also add practicality to this space and give it the feeling of being another room, rather than simply a walkway.

If you like continuity in your home and desire symmetry, we can design a Console Table to suit your existing furniture pieces. Will it sit near your Dining Table? We can mimic the same design features as your Dining Table (on a much smaller scale of course), so it feels part of the same setting. We can even match the timber selection so your overall space looks completely coherent.

matching console table and dining table design made from Blackwood timber


Do you prefer slim lines and tapered features or solid timber to be the feature? Once again, depending on where your table is going to sit will determine what type of design you choose. Smaller spaces will lend themself to a contemporary design with slimmer lines and minimal features. Your Console Table should complement the space – not overpower it.

console table with storage drawers and low shelf  contemporary hall table with tapered legs and slim storage drawers

Alternatively, you might have a large area and can’t decide how best to fill it up. Add some warmth with a larger table made from solid hardwood timber. With thicker features and perhaps the addition of shelving it can add extra depth to your space and become a statement feature.

Not only will the shapes and lines you choose impact the overall look, but so will your timber selection. Constructed almost exclusively from quality Australian timbers, our traditional and modern Console Tables are built to the highest quality. There is no compromise when it comes to timber selections as we use hand-selected pieces of solid timber based on your chosen preference. The richness in grain and detail from our hardwood timbers is particularly special.

Our timber options include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle, or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones.



While it’s obvious to use the surface of your Hall Table for displaying décor items, you should also consider the space around, above and underneath. Often against a wall, this can create a beautiful canvas for displaying artwork or a mirror, actually bringing attention to your table and complementing it as a design feature. And with available space underneath, you can even store practical items in a neat manner, helping to de-clutter your home.

statement hallway table in black finish with drawers and mirror decoration

If serving as part of your Living Room, your Console Table can hold picture frames, decorative vases, or an array of “knick-knacks” from past travels. You’ll likely see these items all the time while unwinding or gathering with friends, so it’s a great way to incorporate some interest. Also, consider the timber selection and shape to best suit your room for creating a seamless look.

Maximize your space by incorporating storage into your design elements. Include specific storage compartments hidden with slim drawers to keep that minimal look, while hiding unwanted items in an organized manner. Complete with a variety of handle choices and different leg profiles to suit other furniture pieces in your space.

As specialists in crafting Premium Furniture for almost 50 years, we pride ourselves on each piece we make. While a Console Table may seem underwhelming compared to some larger furniture items, we think it’s one of the most valuable and versatile furniture pieces to add to your home.

Visit our large Adelaide Furniture Store and explore a range of designs, timber and custom options to include in your personalized Hall Table.