This Dallis Small Timber Bookcase is designed with squared corners for a sleek modern finish. This very functional small bookcase can be used for storing home office items or display treasured items as well. This Dallis Small Bookcase is crafted from Tasmanian Blackwood timber.

Let us create a custom bookcase for your home office. Crafted in your choice of timber and required sizing, with various options for additional storage as well.

We deliver Australia-wide, with delivery partners who closely understand Nordic Design Furniture, to ensure your peace of mind from our showroom to your home.

Customer Variations

To follow are recent Dallis Bookcase variations as selected by customers, all locally handcrafted by Nordic Design.

0.9m, 3 Shelf (O9473)

bespoke australian handmade blackwood bookcase with 4 shelves

1.2m, Dallis Slim (O8254)

solid timber bookcase with 3 shelves handmade in adelaide

1m, with drawer (O6615)

solid timber bookcase made from australian blackwood timber with 2 shelves and 1 top drawer

1.5m, 4 Shelf (O6397)

bespoke adelaide made timber hardwood bookcase with 2 shelves and centre divider

1.0m, 2 Shelf (O7933)

custom made short bookcase with 2 shelves handmade locally in adelaide

0.6m, 4 Shelf (O7580)

custom handmade solid timber bookcase with narrow finish and 4 shelves

1.2m, 2 SHelf (O7799)

custom made short bookcase with 2 shelves handmade locally in adelaide

1.2m, 1 Shelf (O7005)

tasmanian timber hardwood bookcase with 1 shelf

1.5 Metres (o9348)

solid timber bookcase with 3 shelves and centre divider handmade in adelaide

0.6m, 3 Shelf (o8809)

small timber bookcase with 4 shelves for home office storage

1.2m, 3 Shelf (o8809)

blackwood timber bookcase made in adelaide with square finished and 4 shelves

0.425m Wide (o8883)

custom made narrow bookcase storage cabinet with two shelves

1.1m, 1 Shelf (O8075)

custom made 1 shelf bookcase storage cabinet handmade in adelaide

1.5m, 4 Shelf (O7949)

solid timber bookcase with 3 shelves and center divider handmade in adelaide

0.7 Metres (O9778)

custom solid timber bookcase with 5 shelves made from australian timber handmade in adelaide

0.85m, 2 Shelf (O9028)

short blackwood bookcase with 2 shelves

1.1m, jarrah timber (o9930)

australian jarrah timber small bookcase with 3 timber shelves

2m, toned timber (o10015)

australian toned timber bookcase with 3 shelves

1.4 meters high (o9902)

custom made timber bookcase with extra height and shelving

1.2m, tasmanian oak (o9908)

tasmanian oak timber bookcase small with 2 timber shelves

1.5m, Cable Cut Out (o9230)

toned timber bookcase with shelving and rear cable cutout


Dallis Bookcase