fabric dining chairs locally made in adelaide

When choosing your Dining Room Chair, there may be a few more things to consider than you think. With so many mass-produced Dining Chairs available, it can be difficult to find something personalised to your style and comfort. At Nordic Design, we take pride in locally hand crafting a range of Dining Chairs in our Adelaide furniture factory. Using predominately Australian hardwood timbers and quality fabrics and leathers, ensuring that designer furniture look. So let’s take a look at some things you may need to determine before choosing your Dining Chair.


What height should Dining Chairs be?

What is one of the most important things to consider, can sometimes be forgotten when getting caught up in the excitement of the ‘look’ of your Dining Chair. However, ensuring you have the right height for your Chairs is essential for dining comfort. It can also impact how much space you’re left with around your setting.

Firstly, you need to consider the height from floor to seat, to determine how your chair will fit underneath your Dining Table. Secondly, the height from floor to top is needed to establish the best level of support for your back.

To determine the ideal height for your Dining Chair, a ‘rule of thumb’ is to allow a space of 24 – 31cm between the top of the seat and the top of the Dining Table. This ensures plenty of room beneath the table top when guests are sitting. Dining Tables are typically around 74 – 76cm high (as a guide). Of course, as everything is locally crafted in our factory, you can determine custom heights for all of your Dining Room Furniture. This means it can be functional and also have the look you desire.

find the right dining chair height for comfortable seating

We understand the importance of comfort and consider this when designing and crafting all of our furniture. We offer a range of Fabric, Timber and Leather Dining Chairs in our showroom for you to experience. All with varying back heights for different levels of support. Of course, if you still can’t find the right fit, we will happily customise to a height that better suits your needs.

When choosing your Upholstered Dining Chairs, let us show you a range of fabric and leather options to consider. With hundreds of colours, patterns and textures available, we’re sure you’ll find something that catches your eye. We’re very proud to work with some of the most reputable upholstery suppliers. Sourcing our large selection of diverse fabrics across Australia and our quality leathers from our Australasian partners in New Zealand. We love being able to offer our customers diverse, quality products and best of all, we can confidently ensure they’ll withstand the test of time.


What is the modern trend in dining chair design?

Each week we see our customer orders in our showroom. This means we get to enjoy a variety of Dining Chair designs and upholstery variations, as chosen by our customers. While we love to keep up with current trends, this is certainly our favourite form of inspiration. It’s also a great opportunity for new customers to explore what we do first hand.

A trend we’ve been noticing lately is earthy tones and combinations of texture being blended together. This works just beautifully with our natural hardwood timbers. In terms of crafting, the choice of having slim lines with tapered ends is also coming through, offering a modern feel.

We love to mix & match our Dining Chairs using various timbers and upholstery finishes… So we are always coming up with a new and exciting Range of Dining Chairs for our customers to explore.

Typically, we see customers select their Dining Table before choosing the right chair to suit – although, there is no order you need to follow. The Dining area is often the heart of the home, with continual activity. Being a communal gathering space, it deserves to feel special and welcoming.

leather dining chair with large dining table made in Adelaide

Consider how many Dining Room Chairs you need based on your family size and how often you’re likely to entertain. Not only an area for eating, but for completing homework or family game night – you want to accommodate your style of living. So long as you don’t compromise on comfort or function, you shouldn’t need to change your Dining Chairs for a long time.


Now we have the technical side out of the way… Let’s take a look at some of our favourite Dining Chairs – all on offer in store.

Moda Dining Chair

This Leather Dining Chair is our ultimate pick for comfort. Pictured here in luxury leather with a subtle curve for back support. As a medium height chair, this comfortably caters to most people. A classic design with soft lines means this simplistic chair will sit beautifully anywhere you choose.

black leather dining chair made in Adelaide

Luca Dining Chair

In true Scandinavian style, this Timber Dining Chair is full of personality. The low back timber panel showcases a deep curve, highlighting the timber as a feature – how stunning! With an upholstered seat (in either fabric or leather), this chair provides comfort for extended sitting.

Scandinavian timber dining chair with fabric seat

Oxford Dining Chair

This High Back Dining Chair is not only gorgeous, but offers substantial back support as well. The high back assumes more formal dining and creates a feeling of luxury. Combined with a narrower seat tailored for extra seating space around your Dining Table, all to provide even more comfort.

high back fabric dining chair with narrow seat

Morris Dining Chair

Featuring low lines and a deep curved back, this Dining Chair is extremely luxurious. With added width for you to sink into so you’ll experience exceptional comfort. And the low back creates a seamless view across your Dining Table, creating an illusion of space around your dining area.

low back fabric dining chair with extra wide seat

Mier Dining Chair

All we can say is luxe! With an extra high back and rolled head feature, this large Dining Chair feels so elegant. This would perfectly finish off any formal Dining Room… Especially when upholstered in quality black leather like this one.

elegant high back leather dining chair with head roll

Yorke Dining Chair

We love this perfect combination of timber and upholstery (visually speaking). The gorgeous wooden frame extends down to the legs on this chair. Neatly encompassing a padded seat cushion and back frame. You can opt for leather or fabric based on your preference.

low back timber and leather dining chair with open back

Our spacious showroom offers plenty of Dining Chairs featured in a wide range of options. Test the various levels of comfort and explore your custom options for size and design. If you’re in need of a Dining Table to complete the suite, we can show you a variety of options for this too. Conveniently located on Magill Road and offering plenty of rear parking, be sure to visit us to discuss your options.