This Wallace Modular is extremely spacious, with wide seat cushions and a left return chaise. This comfortable leather modular is built from hardwood frames and upholstered in quality leather for added luxury. Designed with cushioned back support, this modular is especially inviting, while the timber arm feature adds convenience, as well as introducing a natural design element.

As custom lounge specialists, we can customise a Wallace Modular to your exact requirements. Choose from hundreds of leathers or fabrics and provide us with specific dimensions for a Modular Sofa that’s ideal for you.

We deliver Australia-wide, with delivery partners who closely understand Nordic Design Furniture, to ensure your peace of mind from our showroom to your home.

Customer Variations

To follow are recent Wallace lounge variations as selected by customers, all locally handcrafted by Nordic Design.

Wider Chaise (o7695)

left return (o7914)

two fabrics (o8957)

perfecto pesto (o9163)

twin recliner (o8748)

3 metres (o8055)

Silver fabric (o6685)

storage chaise (o9197)

Suede Fabric (o7681)

extended timber shelf (o9370)

Without matching chaise (o7279)

With matching chaise (o7279)

double return (o9344)

natural leather (o8762)

Upholstered Arms (o6730)

Grey tones (o6791)

upholstered arm (8798)

upholstered arms (o8268)

soft fabric (ndf)

timber arm feature (o8797)

extended chaise (o8463)

Modified chaise (o6688)

bluestone fabric (o9076)

3 seater, recliner (o7895)

Mountain Ash timber (o7302)

With head support (o6863)

Two timber arms (o7395)

Open back (o6547)

4 seater with chaise (o8955)

cushion arm insert (o7910)

chocolate leather (o9401)

Removable Chaise (o7502)

Modular with ottoman (o7436)

3 seater (o7232)

greystone leather (o9305)

double chaise (o8539)

jarrah timber (o9219)

large custom modular lounge in black leather with left hand chaise and timber arm feature

4 Seater, Black Timber (o9702)

custom modular 4 seater lounge in leather with chaise and black arm feature


Wallace Modular (Leather)