Large Wooden Wall Cabinet

As specialists in crafting Cabinet Furniture, we offer a vast selection of designs and storage variations available to each customer. Across all of our cabinets, we maintain the use of quality materials and the finest attention to detail in our craftsmanship. Whether you require Buffet Furniture for your dining space, a Custom Entertainment Unit for your living room or a Timber Display Cabinet to take up wall space, we can certainly accommodate your needs.

Each of our cabinets is hand crafted from hardwood timber. This means each of our cabinets is not only made to a high quality, but it also ensures each piece is unique in its appearance… Which we think is quite special. Some of the timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle, or American Oak. Of course, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones as well.

Tasmanian Blackwood Timber American Oak Timber Jarrah Timber Victorian Mountain Ash Timber

So what are some of the key Wall Cabinet Benefits?



While the thought of a large Wall Cabinet might seem quite intrusive, these pieces can actually assist in adding a sense of space to your room. By thinking ‘upwards’ instead of ‘outwards’, you’re able to save floor space. By adding storage in an upward direction, your area feels more comfortable to walk through and it allows more options when adding additional furniture pieces to your living room. It’s also a lovely feature that leads the eye up and gives your room the impression of more space.

Another benefit of opting for a taller cabinet is that it allows you to store larger items, which may struggle to fit into smaller storage spaces.



Consider a Modern Display Cabinet to conveniently store occasional items, while also displaying treasured pieces at the same time. The combination of timber and glass doors introduces a sense of elegance to your home. Designed to store occasional items discreetly, while also being able to showcase your most valued possessions, having a timber display cabinet is a fantastic all-in-one item.

Display and Storage Wall Cabinet

And if space allows, why not consider a large Lounge Cabinet to serve as a Buffet, TV Cabinet and Display Unit to avoid multiple furniture pieces accumulating in your living room? Create a feeling of grandeur with a large multi-purpose Wall Unit crafted in your choice of timber.

However, if you prefer something less formal, you might prefer a Buffet and Bookshelf combination? The addition of open shelving still offers a display feature, while the Buffet compartment will hide your occasional items. Custom Made Cabinets are made specifically for your space, giving them a true sense of belonging.



With the choice of a Custom Made Cabinet, comes the luxury of including customized storage. Introduce internal drawers, adjustable shelves and specific drawer divisions to comfortably store various dining and occasional items. Whether you choose to label it as a Kitchen Cabinet or Lounge Cabinet, a custom storage unit can adapt to suit your personal requirements.



One of our favourite benefits that comes with choosing a Display Cabinet is the flexibility it offers. This piece can sit beautifully in a formal dining space or casual living room. The combination of storage and display offers practicality while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

When re-decorating or moving house, a Display Wall Unit can adapt from room to room, depending on your preference. This is another Wall Cabinet Benefit we simply love!

Display Cabinet Design Variations


Make a statement. If you have a large open space in your home, a Modern Display Cabinet can be just the thing you need. Allow it to sit as a feature against an open wall to serve as a functional art piece.

Let yourself be adventurous with your selections. A Wall Unit is likely to stay with you for a long time, so it should adapt with your ever-changing lifestyle. Why not consider push to open doors for a seamless finish? Or a white feature to soften the look of timber? Consider existing furniture items you have as well so it can sit harmoniously with them.



A Custom Made Cabinet means it’s made to any size. This is ideal for people with smaller rooms who are lacking in storage space. Whether you have a small nook to fill, or an awkward area that needs some love, the choice of a Custom Made Cabinet is the perfect solution.

And with custom sizing also comes your preferred choice of timber and finishes – so that’s another added bonus!

Custom Size Timber Wall Cabinets


Open living is what most of us desire because it offers a large communal area where lounge and meals join, to bring everyone together in one comfortable space. But sometimes there can be a lack of privacy. By introducing a large Wall Cabinet, it serves as a division and creates separate room zones, to offer some intimacy between open living areas. In addition to this, you can store practical items for convenient access for both dining and leisure items.



If you’re choosing a Wood Cabinet with the intention of making it into a display cabinet, then why not consider internal lighting to really make a statement? Include glass shelving as well to allow the light to travel through and beautifully highlight each featured item.

Why not make your display items feel extra special?

Internal Lighting for Display Cbinets


Something we all crave more is convenience. And there’s nothing more convenient than having a large Wall Cabinet that stores both occasional and every day items, all in one place. You’ll never forget where things have been placed and upon opening, you can easily see all of your stored items in one home… Now that’s practical.

Designer Display and Storage Wall Cabinets


Last but certainly not least, this is our favourite benefit of a Nordic Design Wall Cabinet…. It’s locally made. Crafted to custom specifications and made by fellow South Australian’s, our Wall Cabinets are all carefully hand crafted here in Adelaide, so with each cabinet, you’re supporting local… And guaranteed a quality item.


Still deciding what kind of Wall Cabinet is best for you? Why not visit our large Showroom and explore display options and speak with our experienced staff who can offer suggestions and discuss your options… We’re conveniently located on Magill Road and offer plenty of rear parking.

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