blackwood timber bedroom suite with floating legs and slim lines australian made bedroom furniture bedroom chest of drawers made from natural timber leather upholstered headboard with floating bedside tables crafted in solid hardwood timber
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Create a personalised space with Bedroom Furniture locally made in Adelaide – all to your requirements. Nordic Design can help you achieve the right atmosphere with our large range of Bed Frames and Bedside Tables. Most importantly, all of our Bedroom Suites are made to your specifications in our Adelaide Bedroom Factory.


Nordic Design offer Bedroom Suites made in Adelaide to your specific requirements. With a versatile range of Beds and Bedside Tables, available in many designs. We also offer extensive storage solutions in Wardrobes, Bedroom Chest of Drawers and Tallboys, for added convenience.

Consider the key requirements for your Bedroom Furniture before finalising your selections. As we offer such a vast range of options, we can craft a Bedroom Suite to suit any space. Since the Bedroom is a personal space, your furniture should be a reflection of this. To follow are some considerations for you to remember.

SIZE OF ROOM: While Bed Frames are mostly available in standard sizing, we are happy to make any adjustments you may desire. Let us make a Wooden Bed to best fit your space. Your cabinetry can also be made to custom sizing. We can increase or decrease the size of all Bedroom Furniture to fit comfortably in your home.

STORAGE: For smaller guest or children’s rooms, additional storage can be built into the base of beds to store bedding, shoes or toys. However, if room permits, Bedside Tables, Tallboy Dressers, and Free Standing Wardrobes are an excellent way to incorporate more storage. Wooden Bedside Tables are made sturdy and can comfortably hold items to be accessed more frequently. Talk to us about crafting a custom Bedroom Wardrobe or Chest of Drawers to fulfill your storage needs.

SUITABILITY: Your choice of Bedroom Furniture depends on who is occupying the room. If part of a couple, does your current bed give you enough room to sleep comfortably, or do you need something larger? Do you prefer uncluttered spaces with things hidden, or will you display photos, candles, and other decorative items?

Our extensive range of Australian-made Bedroom Furniture can be modified to your requirements. Because we use quality materials and construction methods, our skilled craftspeople incorporate your design, timber, finishes and upholstery to create stunning Bedroom Furniture to last for years.

Discover the full range of Bedroom Furniture and Bedroom Suites at Nordic Design, Adelaide.