Custom Lounge Furniture Adelaide

Find your perfect Lounge first time round.

Why waste time searching endless furniture stores when Nordic Design can build your ideal lounge furniture from the ground up? If you can imagine it, we can build it – in any style, size, colours or upholstery you desire.

Step 1 – Choose Your Size
When choosing a Custom Lounge Suite, the first thing to establish is the space in your living room. How large or small is the area and what would be the ideal size for your seating? Measure your space and talk to us about your requirements. You can be as specific as needed to ensure the size of your Lounge Suite is exactly what you want.

Not only can you customise the size of your Sofa, but you can also choose your preferred functionality. You might request a modular with multiple recliners? How about a super-sized ottoman with in-built storage for blankets and cushions? Or a Sofa that can be transformed into a sofa-bed?

Step 2 – Choose Your Design
When choosing the design, consider the style of your home. Is your Living Space contemporary or does it have traditional charm? And what other furniture pieces are likely to accompany your Lounge?

Our Custom Designer Furniture is so diverse because of the possibilities on offer and we can easily achieve a modern or traditional design based on your needs.

We can incorporate so many design finishes based on your preferred look – a Leather Lounge with slim arms and chrome legs to offer a sleek look, or a full base solid Modular for communal seating. Perhaps you want a combination of lounges with accent chairs to create some diversity? Show us images and discuss your ideas with us so we can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Step 3 – Choose your Upholstery
Because every home is so different, we like to offer plenty of variation to our customers. While all of our Lounge Furniture is crafted from quality timber frames, fabrics & leathers, we have a large selection you can choose from…

We are proud to work with reputable fabric and leather supplies across Australia and New Zealand, to offer our customers the very best quality finish. In our large showroom, we display a large range of fabric from Warwick Fabrics and Zepel Fabrics – offering so much variety from colour, to pattern and texture. Our beautiful leathers from Tasman are also displayed in different finishes, based on your preferences.

See plenty of designs on display in both fabric and leather to help you visualise what selections you might like best.

Hanson Design (O7578)

Custom Made Grey Upholstered Fabric Circular 8 Seater Lounge Handcrafted in Adelaide

Two-Tone Modular (O7132)

Custom Made 3 Seater Lounge with Chaise upholstered with Red and Black Leather

Open Space (O6190)

Custom Made 20th Centurary Danish Inspired Lounge with Timber Arm and Timber Shelf Upholstered with Olive Green Australian Leather

Stephan Design (O7699)

Custom Made 2 Seater Lounge with Arched Backrest and Rolled Arm Upholstered in White Leather

Chesterfield (O6110)

Custom Made Victorian Style Leather Sofa with Button Detailing

Hanson, Rounded End (O7392)

Custom Made Circular Extruded Lounge with Grey Fabric Upholstery

Leather Hanson (O8070)

Custom Made Circular Extruded Lounge with Black Leather Upholstery

Adjustable Headrest (O7396)

Grey Upholstered Fabric 2 Seater Lounge with Thick Arms and Blackwood Timber Legs

Custom Design (O7943)

Custom Made Grey Upholstered Fabric Armchair with Rolled Arms Low Back and Victorian Style Legs

Malvern Design (O7324)

Custom Made 2 Seater Recliner Lounge White Upholstered Fabric

Malborough Design (O6604)

Grey Upholstered Velvet Fabric Lounge with Rolled arm Timber Base and Stripe Detail

Traditional Design (O7078)

Custom Made Narrow 2 Seater Lounge Upholstered with Velvet Red Fabric

Custom Ottoman (O8422)

Custom Made Long Ottoman with Timber Legs and Blue Upholstered Fabric

Custom Comfort (O7336)

Custom Made Recliner Chair with Black Australian Leather Handcrafted

Napper Design (O6854)

Custom Made 2 Seater Lounge with Arched Backrest and Rolled Arm

Custom Made Lounges

For Lounge Furniture that is built with your requirements in mind, visit our showroom. At Nordic Design, we equally combine aesthetics along with comfort and function. This guarantees Lounge Furniture that will effortlessly complement your home and lifestyle for many years.

Whether you desire large or small seating, we can build something to perfectly fit your space. With almost 50 years of experience in designing Custom Lounges, we can certainly bring your vision to life.

With dozens of pieces being delivered in-store weekly, visit our showroom to see some beautiful lounge combinations. Having new pieces come through every week will make you very inspired. And while you’re in, be sure to look through our fabric and leather swatches as well – there are so many to choose from.