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Occasional furniture is a flexible way to add extra storage and personality to your home.

Nordic Design’s furniture makers use a mix of materials. Including predominately Australian timbers and glass, to create beautiful, practical occasional furniture pieces for any style of home. Each piece is handcrafted to the highest standard and built to the exact dimensions you require. Ensuring your custom occasional furniture sits perfectly within its surrounds.

Occasional tables can be the special touches to finishing a living space. If you have unusual wall angles, want to fill an empty wall space or looking for a unique design, talk to us.

If you’re looking for flexibility, especially when it comes to re-decorating and updating your space, occasional tables allow for various layout possibilities.

Custom coffee tables, side tables, sofa and hall tables can be made to any size. Consider a corner side table, a nest of tables or a combination of timber and glass. All designed to work practically in your living space.

With the option to custom design occasional tables means you will always have pieces that complement your lifestyle and function how you desire. They can also become a showpiece amongst your other pieces.