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Ultimate comfort can be found in our extensive range of manual and electric Recliner Chairs, all hand crafted here in Adelaide.

Choose from stand-alone fabric or Leather Recliners, or explore our range of Recliner Lounge variations. If you prefer the look of an existing sofa, it can be modified into a Recliner Lounge upon request. We use only the very best quality manual and electric Recliner mechanisms to ensure years of flawless operation.


If comfort is a priority, considering a Recliner Lounge for your home is a great option. You may want a single Recliner Chair, or a complete Recliner Lounge. Of course, any of our existing Sofa designs can be transformed into a Recliner for you. However, you’re welcome to discuss other options with us too.

For something traditional, Leather Recliners are a great option. With various Recliner designs displayed in our Showroom, you can effortlessly experience the comfort and function up close. We offer a wide range of leather and fabric upholstery options, so you don’t have to feel restricted in your choices.

Our reclining mechanism is smooth and seamless to operate – whether you choose electric or manual. This easy mechanism contributes to the level of comfort our Recliner Chairs and Recliner Lounges provide. We believe a Recliner Lounge should be made to your level of comfort, which is why we only use quality materials and crafting techniques.