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At Nordic Design we individually handcraft all furniture items for you. This means each piece is made to individual measurements and specific requirements. Providing furniture that’s just for you, which is particularly desirable for a home office.


Using the best hardwood timbers, our experienced craftspeople can build home office furniture that is durable and functional. Ideal for whatever space you have in mind and any use.

MATERIALS: Using predominately Australian hardwood timbers and the highest quality materials, all our home office furniture is built to last. Quality mechanisms for longevity and seamless use ensures your furniture will be a pleasure to use. Enjoy long-wearing, natural materials in your home office for a pleasing working atmosphere.

FUNCTION: Maintain an orderly and organised workspace for your home office. Locally crafting desks, storage units and bookcases means we can customise these items with specific features. We can incorporate adjustable shelving, a combination of open and closed sections or internal drawers. Plus any additional special features you request.

STYLE & SIZE: All home office furniture, such as desks or bookcases can be matched to the style and colour of existing furniture. We can also modify existing designs to suit your space. If it needs to be taller, narrower, wider or deeper, our craftspeople will make these alterations.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to home office furniture. Discover immaculate design and quality available at Nordic Design. Because all our furniture is handcrafted in our Adelaide factory, you’ll enjoy the same quality furniture for your home office, as in other parts of your home.

Discuss the possibilities for custom home office furniture with the experienced team at Nordic Design, Adelaide.