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Combine our Dining Tables and Chairs to create a Dining Suite especially for you. Our versatile selection of Dining Suites incorporate a variety of shapes, sizes and design styles in both dining tables and dining chairs.

Browse our collection of solid Dining Tables and Dining Chairs for inspiration. All our Dining Suites can be modified to accommodate your individual specifications.


Each Dining Suite has been designed with Dining Tables and Dining Chairs that complement one another. Carefully crafted Dining Chairs are made with comfort to complement the chosen style of Table.

Alternatively, you can pair a Dining Table with your choice of Chairs to create your own setting. Your Dining Suite will be manufactured using the same timber and finishes to ensure a seamless match between the pieces.

Not only do we specialise in custom Dining Tables and Chairs – but we use the best hardwood timbers. This is what makes our Dining Suites stand out from the rest. Each item is made with quality raw materials, by our specialist craftspeople – right here in Adelaide.

Your home will impact the decisions you make when designing your Dining Suite. However, Nordic Design can simplify the process for you with an endless range of selections. Specialising in Timber Dining Tables and chairs, why not create dining room furniture that’s specifically for you? We pride ourselves on providing our customers with exclusive furniture pieces – especially dining furniture.

Our collection of Dining Tables and Chairs on display captures only a portion of the possibilities available. So why not visit our large showroom located on Magill Road in Adelaide? Allowing a closer look at some of our most admired dining suites. Appreciate the timber and upholstery selections up close to see the quality. Take the opportunity to speak with our very experienced and passionate staff to make the process easier as well.