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Can you ever have enough home office storage? When considering how best to store your less frequently used items, look at the available space. With consideration to a desk size and placement, how best can the other spaces be used? Our quality built storage options are very useful and look good too.

We can design your office storage in any configuration you desire. Including double and single level units, and even wall mounted or floor based pieces. We can also incorporate adjustable shelving for future flexibility.

With a range of designs to choose from, as well as custom designed storage, Nordic Design can design and build personalised storage exactly how you require.

A home office or study can quickly become disorganised if you don’t have the right storage. Your paperwork never seems to have its own place and your office can become quite disordered.

With endless storage possibilities available at Nordic Design, we can assist you in designing a purpose built storage unit. Incorporating a combination of small and large compartments for various items. All made to fit into your specific space, in whatever finish you like.


You might like to consider a multi-functional office piece. All custom designed and locally handcrafted, a custom design is ideal for a home office. With storage options attached to your workspace, you’ll have everything easily accessible at all times.

Since Nordic Design handcraft all of our products here in Adelaide, we can make adjustments to existing designs or start fresh. You might want to make the most of your space and consider a corner cabinet for practicality? Or perhaps a bookcase with open shelving for easy access?

For almost 50 years, Nordic Design have personalised hundreds of storage solutions for many customers. Discuss your requirements and we can discuss the wide range of options available to you.