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A beautiful, functional custom cabinet is the perfect solution to securely store, or display valued items.

Nordic Design offer endless design options for their extensive range of cabinets, buffets and units, which can be built to any size, style, shape or dimensions. Custom cabinets can include fixed or adjustable shelves, cupboards and drawers with handles or push-to-open mechanisms. We can also include in-built lighting, portals for power cords, and offer a choice of timber or glass elements to achieve any design look you’re after.

Custom cabinet making is something Nordic Design has been specialising in for almost 50 years. Our highly experienced, expert craftspeople have extensive knowledge and skill to craft beautiful pieces.

We appreciate that both practicality and beauty are requirements for dining and living space cabinets. Nordic Design custom cabinets are made in any size, any door / drawer combination, choice of timber and finishes. With all our experience, talk to us about your needs and let us assist with the process of creating your ideal custom cabinet pieces