Custom Cabinets, ADELAIDE

To follow are recent Side Table variations as selected by customers, all locally handcrafted by Nordic Design.

Having a beautiful, functional Custom Cabinet is the perfect solution to store, or display valued items.

At Nordic Design, we individually hand craft all Cabinets in our local Adelaide Factory. This means you can modify any of our existing Cabinet styles – by size, timber and design finish. Or, if you want something more specific, we can custom make this too. Because all of our Cabinets are individually crafted, it allows you to customise any piece to your specific requirements.

To find out more about creating a Custom Cabinet, talk to our experiences team about your requirements.

Step 1 – Choose Your Size
When choosing a Cabinet for your space, the first thing to determine is what size you need and what purpose the Cabinet will serve. Measure your space and talk to us about your requirements. You can be as specific as necessary to ensure the size of your Cabinet is exactly what you need.

Not only can you customise the size of your furniture, but you can also choose your preferred functionality. Whether you require a Buffet, Display Cabinet or large Wallunit, we can make adjustments to ensure your Custom Cabinet will perfectly fit your space, and also store and display whatever items you need.

Step 2 – Choose Your Design
When choosing a design, consider the style of your home. Is this Cabinet going to be part of an open living space, or in a formal room? Is your overall theme contemporary or traditional? Will it be accompanied by other furniture, or sit as a stand alone item?

Our Custom Designer Furniture is so diverse because of the possibilities available, and we can easily achieve a modern or traditional design based on your needs. Whether you want something to complement existing furniture pieces, or something new to re-invent the look of your home, we can accommodate all requests.

Our Custom Cabinets can include fixed or adjustable shelves, cupboards and drawers with handles or push-to-open mechanisms. We can also include in-built lighting, portals for power cords, and offer a choice of timber or glass elements to achieve whatever design look you’re after.

Step 3 – Choose your Timber
Because every home is so different, we like to offer plenty of choices to our customers. While all of our Custom Cabinets is crafted from quality timbers, we have a large selection to choose from…

We are proud to offer Custom Timber Furniture, made here in Adelaide. This means you can choose from our range of quality hardwood timbers (or allow us to closely colour match to existing timber in your home). Whatever colour or finish you desire, we can certainly achieve it.

Custom Shelving (o7769)

custom made tasmanian blackwood timber wallunit with abstract shelving and cupboard storage

Handle Feature (o7598)

custom made cabinet with 80s handle feature made from australian timber in south australia

Two Tone Timber (o6305)

australian two toned timber shelving unit and entertainment unit in 1

Moveable Cabinets (o7747)

tasmanian blackwood timber entertainment unit with display cabinets attached. made in adelaide

Entry Cabinet, Closed (o7513)

Internal Wine Racks (o7786)

custom made wine rack cabinet made in adelaide sustainably

Glass Doors (o6749)

custom made display unit with back mirror and glass shelving, made in adelaide

Movable Cabinets (o7022)

custom made modular display cabinets handcrafted in adelaide

Wine Fridge (o6950)

Black Glass (o5762)

Extra Detail (o6342)

3.6m, Sleath Design (o7944)

2.8 Metres High (O7174)

Entry Cabinet, Open (o7513)

pedestal display (o7585)

custom made pedestal display made with black toned timber

4.2 Metres (o5944)

2.1m, Luca Design (o8756)

bar fridge space (o7102)

custom bar wallunit glass shelving, timber doors and built in wine fridge

2.6m, with display (o5939)

custom made timber display unit with 4 timber framed glass doors, centre drawers, and internal timber shelving

2m, book storage (o6909)

custom made bookcase with open shelving space and enclosed storage with timber framed glass doors handcrafted in adelaide

3.7m, tasmanian oak (o8387)

custom made modular entertainment unit with white doors and timber frame handcrafted in adelaide

media space (o9915)

custom made timber media space with side shelving

matching cabinets (o8171)

custom made modular display cabinets handcrafted in adelaide

ladder option (oNDF)

custom made wallunit bookshelf with bult in ladder

Corner Cabinet (o6759)

Australian Timber Custom Corner Cabinet 3 Timber Doors, Full Base, Handcrafted in Adelaide

Wine storage (o6631)

handcrafted narrow wine rack, made from australian timber

1.7m, Internal Drawers (o8365)

australian timber small buffet with timber doors internal draw and shelving

2.8m, adjustable shelving (o5398)

australian timber entertainment unit with attached display shelving handcrafted in adelaide

bar fridge (o9007)

custom bar wallunit with led lighting, glass shelving, timber doors and built in wine fridge

4.6m, white finish (o9134)

custom made wallunit with white finish led lighting 6 doors and shelves

4.2m, with bookshelf (o8818)

tasmanian blackwood timber bookshelf custom designed with multiple storage options

3.8m, led lighting (o8741)

custom made wallunit with white finish led lighting 6 doors and 3 shelves

Finer Details (o6500)


Crafting Custom Cabinets is something Nordic Design has been specialising in for 50 years. Our highly experienced, expert craftspeople have extensive knowledge and skill to craft beautiful pieces.

We appreciate that both practicality and aesthetics are requirements when selecting a Cabinet – whether for your dining or living space. Nordic Design’s Custom Cabinets are made in any size, any door / drawer combination, choice of timber and finishes. With our many years of experience, talk to us about your needs and let us assist with the process of creating your ideal Custom Cabinet pieces