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The focal point of your home office is the desk. Whether a solid-built executive office desk or partners desk, make it to any size or shape, including the useful L-shape. Even design your desk for a corner space… READ MORE


Whatever size or purpose, a custom Timber Office Desk that’s built from natural solid materials with quality fittings provides peace of mind for your home office or study.

Options to consider are filing drawers for document storage or lockable drawers for keeping personal items hidden. Add a sliding keyboard tray or options to hide computer cables to ensure your desk is clutter free and a productive workspace.

Finding a home office desk with the right specifications can be a difficult task. With continual additions of paperwork, office accessories and technology, there is rarely enough space. Having the option to customise an office or study desk with your specific requirements can prove very useful. Everyone works and studies differently, meaning their requirements are individual. Your working space should accommodate your needs and reflect your working style.

Your desk doesn’t have to lack in style either. Let us craft something traditional to sit in your character home, or slim down the design to suit more contemporary rooms. Hide unwanted cords with considered design concepts that leave you with a sleek finish. And of course, choose from our range of hardwood timbers for gorgeous grain details and natural colours. We can also closely colour match if you have any existing office pieces you’d like to pair with.

Why not customize a desk that gives you continual access to everything you need? Your desk can have attached drawers and shelves, either to the side or above. Have a place for everything – from pens to files and gadgets. We can also personalise internal sections to accommodate any specific items you might have.