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All of our Buffet Furniture is locally made here in Adelaide. Let us build a Buffet or Sideboard including fully lined cutlery drawers, adjustable shelving and even wine storage. Offering both traditional and contemporary styles, plus custom designs to complement existing furniture. Consider Dining Buffet Furniture in your preferred sizing and storage configuration. Using solid timbers and skilled craftsmanship ensures a strong sturdy construction to enjoy for many years.


Need more storage for your dining pieces? Get function and style with Nordic Design Buffet Furniture. An impressive way to store glasses, cutlery, table linen, and dining accessories all in one convenient place. If designed to sit as part of your dining suite, why not have our specialist craftspeople colour match your timber, for a seamless setting? Alternatively, you can order your Buffet Cabinet and a new dining suite at the same time so we can build each item from the same timber selection and offer you a true setting.

When upgrading your Dining Buffet Furniture, consider types of additional storage. A Timber Buffet is ideal for special occasion items and to keep quality glassware and cutlery protected in between gatherings.

Built to any size, Buffet Units are also being used more often in family spaces. Even in hallways or places that need extra storage. Our Custom Buffets and Sideboards are designed based on your specific storage requirements.

We use high quality Australian materials to ensure a quality build and look. Being locally made also allows you to introduce custom features if you choose.

For Buffet Furniture, consider the depth and height of what you may store inside. Have deeper sections for larger serving items and smaller ones for glass, serving platters, or other occasional items.

Have a contemporary space? You may consider a Buffet With Drawers in a flush finish, using push to open mechanisms. Paired with a Modern Display Cabinet for more aesthetic display items. A selection of two-tone timber also achieves a contemporary look. Or a White Timber Buffet, combining natural timber elements? We can also incorporate more traditional features if better suited to your home.

Nordic Design have specialised in designing and crafting Buffet Furniture for almost 50 years. With this level of experience and knowledge, we understand what works and can assist you in achieving cabinet pieces perfectly suitable for your home.