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Complete your living room with a stylish and practical side table – either to complement existing furniture pieces, or to add visual interest.

Our custom side tables are locally made in our Adelaide furniture factory and can be made to various heights and widths, allowing placement to the side or in front of seating. Compact and versatile, add shelves or drawers to these convenient tables for additional storage options.


Our Australian Made Side Tables can be crafted to match your existing furniture and styling, or we can design something unique for an element of interest in your room. There are plenty of design options for you to choose.

The addition of a side table is always useful. Not only are Nordic Design side tables practical, but being crafted in solid timber makes them a desirable option. The detailed grain and timeless design means they will be used and enjoyed over time and look pleasing when placed in your living room amongst existing furniture.

By choosing simple, clean lines and a hardwood timber that complements your space means it will never look out of place. The added luxury of adding a side table to your space is how versatile it is. These smaller tables can effortlessly be moved around to change the layout of your room – making them ideal for redecorating.

With the addition of a side table, it completes the look of your living room. Consider the shape and size you might need. Evaluate the room and where it will sit to help you make these choices. Discuss how you will use it? Is a shelf required for books and magazines? A drawer or two for storage? Would glass be a welcomed option?

Considering bespoke side tables? Of course, Nordic Design are always happy to offer advice. Because of our extensive knowledge and many years of experience in crafting quality side tables, we know what works.