Tallboys Adelaide

Need more bedroom storage? Made here in Adelaide, our Bedroom Tallboys are a great solution for storing your belongings. Made to your requirements, have your possessions organised and easily accessible… READ MORE


Nordic Design specialise in making Bedroom Tallboys, right here in Adelaide. With the flexibility to customise the dimensions, we can make you a large or Small Tallboy that perfectly fits your bedroom space. Whether you prefer a traditional option or a Modern Tallboy, we can craft to any measurement, with any drawer configuration of your choice.

Made using quality materials including a diverse range of natural timbers, your custom Tallboy will be crafted to ensure long lasting everyday use. And for that personal touch, a range of handles and finishing options are available.

Our Tallboys and Dressers can incorporate internal compartments for more specific storage. They can also be made with any number of drawers you like, to any depth. Your Tallboy can also incorporate a full base to maximise storage – gaining one or two extra drawers into your cabinet. Alternatively, we can build your cabinet to sit on a leg if you prefer something with a modern and spacious feel. You may opt for as few as 4 drawers in your Tallboy, or perhaps 8 (or more) in a Tall Chest of Drawers. You can even adjust the height and drawer depth to allow maximised storage.

Alternatively, for something that takes up less space, you may require a Small Tallboy? We can modify any existing design to accommodate for smaller bedroom spaces, by creating a slimmer frame profile and lower or narrower size.

When choosing your Bedroom Storage, consider the items you’ll be storing. This will determine the number of drawers and the depth of them. We can also include special drawer divisions to accomodate special items – including jewellery, electronics or anything else you can think of. Ensure your Tallboy complements the design of your Chest of Drawers, Bed and Bedside Tables. These can all be made at the same time for consistency of a true Bedroom Suite, or we can match designs (and colours) at a later date.

We have plenty of timber variations available in our large Adelaide showroom to show you. If you’re adding a Tallboy to your existing Bedroom, we can closely colour match to other pieces to assist in completing your space. Let us customise a Bedroom Tallboy to fulfil your bedroom storage requirements.