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The right occasional furniture in the right location creates additional comfort and utility to any room in your home. Occasional tables provide a convenient resting place for items and can include drawers and shelves for storage purposes.

“Our new Mountain Ash Dining table is the envy of everyone…
we love it. It fits in so well with all of our furniture!
Thank you for your professionalism.”

Choosing the right occasional furniture

PURPOSE: Occasional tables are designed to suit a range of purposes. Use strategically placed tables to hold lamps for additional lighting options throughout your home, or create a permanent place for keys near your regular exit point with a suitably placed hall table.

SHAPE: Rectangular, square, round, semi-circular, or irregular. Due to the diversity of shapes we offer ensures you’ll find the right fit for your needs. Whether you need an occasional table to slot neatly into a corner or want to make a statement with a uniquely shaped custom coffee table.

STYLE: There are many design styles when it comes to occasional tables. Traditional or modern designs can be adapted to include shelves, cupboards or drawers with your choice of handles or push-to-open mechanisms. Choose smooth lines, or square, rounded, or beveled edges to achieve the look you want.

SIZE: All occasional tables at Nordic Design can be modified to the height, width or depth you require. We can create sets of nested tables for convenient storage and apply the same design across tables of varying sizes for consistency throughout your living spaces. As these tables are generally smaller in size, this also makes them practical when re-decorating or moving, as they can easily be adaptable to any space.

Because Nordic Design uses predominantly Australian timbers and traditional craftsmanship, we create high quality occasional tables and furniture. This results in pieces that retain their form and function for many years.

Why not complete your home with occasional tables and furniture designed for convenient living.