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Take advantage of an empty space with a purpose-built hall table.

With most hallways found in the main entrance of a home, a hall table or stand is ideal for storing the items you always take when you leave the house. For narrow hallways, opt for a slimline design that won’t protrude too far into your walkway. A hall table can even serve as a central feature when paired with a mirror (which can be made to match), reflecting light and bringing an often overlooked space to life.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern design, Nordic Design can create a hall stand or table to the ideal width and height for your home. Using predominately Australian hardwoods and a wide range of quality finishes, we can achieve any look you like, complete with drawers and shelves for extra storage.

Although a hall table is mostly thought of as practical, you can create a special entry or hall space with a Nordic Design hall table.

Entry hall tables are useful to leave lit lamps on to come home to at night, flowers to welcome or decorative items to create a mood. Maximising your space, large or small, with a custom hall table is useful for this statement piece as well as storage. The idea of a matching mirror gives that complete look and is useful for last minute ‘touch ups’ before leaving home.

Hallway furniture can hold framed photos or travel memoirs to add a good memory to the day. It’s a good place for storage of smaller items too. Incorporate minimal shelving or slim drawers to keep smaller items hidden but easily accessible. As a decorative piece, why not place it beneath a statement painting?


Referred to as sofa tables, hall tables are appropriate to place behind a couch or modular lounge in an open plan room. Practical for holding items, a reading lamp, wine glasses or a coffee mug, these add another element of beauty to your room. And if can never have enough storage, add a drawer or shelf.