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Embrace the empty spaces in your home with a Hall Table especially designed for you. With most hallways found in the main entrance of a home, a Hallway Table is ideal for storing daily items you take when you leave the house… READ MORE


Whether you prefer traditional or modern design, Nordic Design can create a Console Table based on the ideal width and height for your space. Using predominately Australian hardwoods and a wide range of quality finishes, our Handmade Tables can adapt to any look you like, complete with drawers and shelves for extra storage. We pride ourselves in crafting Premium Furniture and are confident in achieving a Hall Table to seamlessly suit your home and lifestyle needs.

Although a Hallway Table is mostly thought of as practical, you can create a special entry or hallway feature with a Nordic Design Console Table. Talk to us about incorporating ornate features or special detailing for a unique design. And of course, made to whatever size best suits your space.

Entry Hall Tables can be very useful. Leave lit lamps on to come home to at night, or flowers to welcome guests, or simply create a mood with decorative items. Maximising your space, large or small, with a custom hall table is useful as a statement piece or simply for storage. The idea of a matching mirror completes the look and is useful for last minute ‘touch ups’ before leaving home.

A Hallway Table can hold framed photos or travel memoirs to serving as a ‘good memory’ each time you walk past. Practically thinking, it’s a good place for storage of smaller items too. Incorporate minimal shelving or slim drawers into your Handmade Table to keep smaller items hidden but easily accessible. Or to serve as a decorative piece in your Living Room, why not place it beneath a statement painting?

As we locally hand craft all of our Console Tables here in Adelaide, let us personalise the design based on your requirements. We can build to suit exisiting furniture pieces like your Dining Table or Coffee Table for a coherent feel. We can also use the same timber (or colour match) with other existing items in your home.

Hall Tables are undervalued (in our opinion). While normally a smaller table, it still serves plenty of purpose when made to your specific requirements. Let us add specific storage compartments and internal features for completely custom storage to keep smaller and treasured items neatly stored away.

For narrow hallways, perhaps opt for a slimline design that won’t protrude too far into your walkway. Our Handmade Tables can be crafted to perfectly fit any space. Hall Tables can even serve as a central feature when paired with a mirror (which can be made by us as well), reflecting light and bringing an often overlooked space to life. The options are endless.

Usually found in your Living Room, Sofa Tables are appropriate to place behind a couch or modular lounge in an open plan room. Practical for holding items, a reading lamp, wine glasses or a coffee mug, these Console Tables add another element of beauty (and functionality) to your room. Why not add some extra drawers or shelving for added storage too? Especially in a high traffic area such as your Living Room, you can never have too much storage.