Nordic Design combine both style and function to design Sofas you’ll love, all in our Adelaide Furniture Store. In addition to an attractive, durable selection of leathers and fabrics, we can customise sizing and seating configuration too… READ MORE 


All of our Sofas are locally crafted here in Adelaide, ensuring quality and comfort. Your sofa is somewhere to unwind after a busy day, socialise with friends or simply relax. No matter what purpose, it’s essential the design and function of your lounge work together to complement your lifestyle. Either as single lounge pieces or multiple to make a setting – your couch should fulfil your requirements for comfort above all else. Quality is at the forefront for all of our Sofas, ensuring a long-lasting Lounge Suite.


Specialising in quality Lounge Suites is what we do, and we are proud to say all of our lounges are locally hand crafted here in Adelaide. With our experienced craftspeople, Nordic Design can create a Custom Lounge that perfectly suits your requirements – meaning you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you want.

To guarantee the timeless aesthetic and longevity of your Sofa, we use only the best quality materials. The only standard feature is the solid timber frame, as this forms the sturdy structure of each Sofa. The rest is entirely up to you regarding cushion support, design, and upholstery finish. Our large Showroom offers hundreds of fabric and leather selections for you to consider.

Since we individually craft all of our Lounges, you can choose your preferred size, upholstery, and seating comfort. Plus any additional details you may like to include. No matter what selections you opt for, the choice of a custom Lounge Suite made in Adelaide ensures you get exactly what you want. Why not include a matching ottoman to rest your feet? Perhaps with the inclusion of hidden storage? There are plenty of additional items you can add to maximise function from your Lounge Furniture. Complete your Living Space with one of our beautifully crafted Coffee Tables for a practical addition to your Lounge space.

Visit our Showroom and discuss your options with one of our knowledgeable staff. With almost 50 years of experience, we can offer plenty of options to suit your personal requirements. While you’re here, why not experience the level of quality and comfort up close? We have a different selection of Lounges enter our Showroom every week – so there is always something new to look at.