This stunning and large wall unit is built from Tasmanian Blackwood timber and has varying shelving shapes. Combining display and storage cabinet options, book shelf versatility, its push-to-open doors create clean design lines. While this wall unit commands attention in a larger space, smaller spaces have equally benefited by using an all purpose storage cabinet with display options.  

Pictured here is the Moda Wall Unit at 2.4m but we can make to any size and shelf / door combinations. 

Consider the dimensions for your wall unit. We can build to any size to suit your space. Consider storage options and timber selection. We can closely colour match to existing furniture items too.

Visit our Adelaide Showroom and explore the options.

We deliver Australia-wide, with delivery partners who closely understand Nordic Design Furniture, to ensure your peace of mind from our showroom to your home.

Customer Variations

To follow are recent Moda Wallunit variations as selected by customers, all locally handcrafted by Nordic Design.

1.7m, 3 door (O9004)

australian blackwood timber wallunit with 3 doors and abstract shelving full base

4.8m, Media Unit(9588)

custom made australian blackwood timber wallunit with 8 door storage abstract shelving and open center

1.8m, Book Shelves (O7566)

custom made wallunit with 16 shelves and 4 door storage adelaide made

1.57m, two pieces (O10064)

custom made 2 piece wallunit with abstract shelving and below storage

1.8m, LED Lighting (O10023)

australian timber custom made wallunit with 5 doors and center open compartment with led light

2.4m, Bowden Base (O9312)

tasmanian blackwood timber wallunit with 4 doors and abstract shelving full base

3.3m, Display Variation (O8171)

custom made walnut toned timber wallunit with 4 shelves center division and 8 doors

2.4m, varying shelf (O10033)

custom made australian timber wallunit with 4 doors and abstract shelving full base

Consider more storage options

At Nordic Design Furniture, we’ve specialised in designing and crafting Custom Furniture including sideboard buffet cabinets for over 50 years. Our Showroom and Factory team are experienced, skilled and especially knowledgeable.  For added storage options consider Storage Cabinets, Display Cabinets or our other Wall Unit designs.


Moda Wallunit