This 1.5m Square Extendable Table is crafted in Tasmanian Blackwood timber and incorporates an easy to use extension system. This large Extension Table can open comfortably into a 12 seater dining table, which is ideal for larger gatherings. When closed, it transforms into a square table, seating 8 people and making it more practical for daily use. The Pannelli Slim design uses thinner lines to create a more spacious feeling.

Pictured here is the Pannelli Slim Extendable Dining Table at 1.5m closed, opening to 2.3m  x  1.5m but can be made to any size.

Have a Dining Table crafted in your choice of hardwood timber and to any size required. See more in our Adelaide Showroom, offering plenty of custom options.

We deliver Australia-wide, with delivery partners who closely understand Nordic Design Furniture, to ensure your peace of mind from our showroom to your home.

Customer Variations

To follow are recent Pannelli Slim Extendable Dining Table variations as selected by customers, all locally handcrafted by Nordic Design.

2-2.8m, Black Option (O10135)

black toned timber custom extension table made in adelaide

1.6-2.4 metres (o8138)

1.9-2.5 Metres (O9891)

Light Timber Extension Dining Table

1.5-2.3m, toned timber (o7962)

1.5-2.3 metres (o9710)

oak extendable dining table with slim lines

1.5-2.3m closed(o8349)

custom timber dining table with ornate table edge and traditional base

2.2-3 metres (o8036)

1.5-2.2 metres (o8184)

1.7-2.5m, oak timber (o8205)

1.7-2.3 Metres (O9646)

Slim Extendable Timber Dining Table

1.8-2.4 Metres (O8521)

Modern Extendable Dining Table with Horizontal Grain

2-2.8m, custom base (O7535)

Solid Timber Dining Table with Custom Base Design

Complete Your Dining Suite

At Nordic Design Furniture, we’ve specialised in designing and crafting Dining Tables and Chairs for over 50 years. Our Showroom and Factory team are experienced, skilled and especially knowledgeable. To complete your Dining Suite, consider Dining Chairs, Bar Stools or even Bench Seats


Pannelli Slim Extendable Table