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What are the things to consider when choosing a lounge suite for your living space? With so many variations of lounges to choose from, it can be tricky knowing where to start… Firstly, consider your lifestyle, available space, interior styling and personal preference. Commonly, people question whether a modular couch is better than individual sofas – while the choice is yours, we have broken down the benefits of each to help you decide which might be best for you…


The choice of a modular lounge can be an ideal all-in-one seating option for many homes (especially those with growing families). Typically on a larger scale, this style of lounge feels particularly inviting with the feature of a chaise or return section. This comfortably invites additional seating (or simply extra space to stretch out and indulge after a long day). And it’s likely we all agree, there’s something about a modular lounge that naturally alludes comfort…

custom leather modular lounge suite made in Adelaide

Choosing to invest in a larger sofa generally brings added convenience. Being a single piece, rather than multiples, there is usually no need to add extra seating options (such as armchairs or smaller sofas). As modulars are specifically designed for group seating, this eliminates the need for extra lounge furniture and offers more floor space. Plus, this is a great option for families and is very practical when gathering with friends.

A spacious modular can invite depth and warmth into your home due to the generous cushioning. Whether desired as a Corner Lounge Suite, or to sit as a freestanding modular in an open living space, this style of seating is relaxed and inviting – desirable for any home.

large fabric modular couch with arm rests

If you have plenty of space, chaise lounges will always be a welcomed addition to your living area. However, they aren’t limited to those who have plenty of space… You may have a lounge room that’s awkwardly shaped or slightly smaller, but don’t want to compromise on having a modular lounge. As all of our lounges can be customised to suit, this means we can accommodate your needs and modify any modular to successfully sit as part of your space. Perhaps if you’re low on space, choosing a Corner Lounge Suite is preferred to offer more floor space. It can also feel extremely cosy gathering up in a corner spot while watching a movie or enjoy a hot drink.

This style of lounge is very complementary to modern living, as they sit perfectly as part of an open living area. Modulars offer relaxed and intimate entertaining and are a cosy place for families to gather and enjoy movie nights – or simply spend time together. We find the beautiful dimensions of these lounges also serve as a visual element amongst other furniture pieces in the room.

modern design black leather modular made in Adelaide


For a more traditional seating configuration, the grouping of individual sofas can also be an option for your home. By opting for multiple lounge pieces means there is flexibility with your seating arrangements – with either a formal or casual configuration.

If you’re lacking in space, the choice of multiple sofas can be quite practical. Allowing you to choose a large 3 seater for your main area and adding a 2 seater or individual armchairs into a smaller section will maximise your space. Plus, a great benefit to individual sofas is the flexibility they offer when redecorating – they can be separated across different rooms, or simply re-positioned to create a “freshened up” look.

fabric sofa with button details and timber base upholstered in mustard colour

There is also opportunity for creativity… Mix and match different fabrics or design styles to incorporate some personality into your living room. The addition of an accent piece will lift your space and create an inviting and cosy feeling.

Another option to be considered if choosing individual sofas is the addition of a sofa bed. By incorporating a sofa bed into your lounge means you can accommodate overnight guests at any time, while maintaining the appearance of a sleek lounge from day to day.

Of course, we’re only touching on a handful of benefits… Because each of our lounges are locally designed and crafted to customer requirements, this means we can easily incorporate any special features you desire. A lounge suite can be quite personal and serves as a communal place in the home, so it should suit your home and lifestyle just right…

modern 2.5 seater lounge in blue fabric with pinched back detail and angled arms


The main factor to be considered (no matter what style of lounge you choose) is comfort. As furniture manufacturers in Adelaide for almost 50 years, we pride ourselves in providing each of our clients with custom pieces – not only in design, but also in comfort.

Some components to look at are back height, cushion firmness, arm support and even reclining options. With so many custom inclusions, allow us to explore the options with you and determine the right fit.

Each week, our showroom is filled with customer pieces before being delivered to their new homes. This gives new customers an opportunity to see various designs and concepts up close and spark inspiration when designing their new furniture pieces. We also have a digital photo library with thousands of images from past clients that you can browse. We have Corner Lounge Suites, Modulars with Recliners and simple L-Shape Sofas for you to view.

tan leather modular lounge with return and arm rests on timber legs

It’s hard for us to choose which is “better” as we get to enjoy so many variations and can see the benefits to all lounge options. And of course, since we can custom make to your requirements, whatever your choose will be perfectly tailored to your home, which is very special. Whether you choose a modular lounge, armchairs, multiple sofas or decide to combine a mix of styles, we can help you through the process. Visit our large Showroom in Magill (which offers plenty of rear parking). Our experienced and friendly staff would love to assist you with your new lounge furniture.