Have you been looking for Bedroom Furniture Makers in Adelaide? At Nordic Design, we are proud to say we’ve been local furniture manufacturers here in Adelaide, South Australia for 50 years. As each item is individually hand crafted by our specialist team, nothing we make is mass produced. This offers our customers a personal experience, from design to delivery – and that’s pretty special if you ask us.

If you’re looking to update your Bedroom Furniture, why not explore your options in our large Showroom… We offer a range of Bedroom Furniture, including Bed Frames, Bedside Tables, Dressing Tables and Chests of Drawers (plus plenty more). When updating your Bedroom Suite it’s important to consider a design that looks and functions exactly how you want.

Selecting Furniture pieces for your Bedroom can become a time-consuming process… There are so many considerations around design, size and functionality meaning ‘one size’ rarely fits all. This is exactly why Nordic Design offer custom options.

So, where should you start? Continue reading to find out some key considerations before committing to a new Bedroom Suite…


Before contemplating any furniture, you should measure the space of your Bedroom. This will establish what size bed you can fit and how many storage pieces you can include.

Remember, just because you have space, it doesn’t mean to you have to use it all. Be sure to leave enough unoccupied floor so you can comfortably move around once your furniture is in place.

Whether you have a spacious room, or a slightly smaller area, we can accommodate your needs accordingly. Not only do we craft to any size, but we also offer design variations to best complement your room. If you‘re concerned about your bedroom feeling ‘cluttered’ or ‘closed in’ then why not consider furniture pieces sitting off the ground on tapered legs? Allowing light to travel through, this will certainly give the illusion of more space. And by selecting a lighter timber (such as Mountain Ash or American Oak), it will brighten the room and help make it feel more spacious.

timber bed frame made in Adelaide with matching bedside tables

The benefit to ordering custom made Bedroom Furniture means you can personalise the size to exactly the dimensions you want. This will mean your Bedroom can be perfectly tailored to your requirements.


So what items officially make up a Bedroom Suite? The best starting point is probably your Bed Frame or Bed Head. The design and size of this piece will ultimately set the tone for the rest of your room. You may prefer a slim-line design which offers a contemporary feeling. Alternatively, you may want ornate details with a high headboard for something traditional in style. We have so many Bed designs displayed in our showroom – all in different timbers and even upholstered options.

We offer an extensive range of beds available to be made in any size, all hand crafted from hardwood timber. Once the style of your Bed has been chosen we can explore matching storage solutions to complete your setting. Your storage can be incorporated within the frame of your bed, through the addition of base drawers, or attached bedside tables. These options are especially useful if you’re limited for space.

Alternatively, add separate cabinets such as Bedside Tables, a Chest of Drawers, Dressing Table or Free Standing Wardrobe to comfortably fulfil all of your storage needs. Of course, you can incorporate as many (or few) of these storage additions as you wish – because each person has different wants when it comes to selecting their Bedroom Furniture.

custom bedroom furniture with attached bedside tables

custom base drawer storage under bed frame

Within your storage pieces you can incorporate hanging space, drawer divisions, shoe compartments, and adjustable shelves to ensure your every need is fully satisfied. When choosing custom made, you have the opportunity of selecting furniture that’s designed to be long-lasting because of its flexible and well-planned design. Being made to requirement ensures a perfectly functional item.


Probably the most enjoyable part is choosing the design for your Bedroom Suite. While there are endless possibilities, this will ultimately come down to personal preference. Since we offer both traditional and modern design concepts, there is certainly something for every home – all available to view in our large Adelaide Showroom. Of course, if you have a custom design in mind, we can happily assist with this too. Speak with us about your concept and we will work with you to determine the most successful outcome for your Luxury Bedroom Furniture.

Whether you want square finishes for something contemporary, or bevelled details for something with character, we can certainly fulfil your brief.

All of our Bedroom Furniture is crafted from quality timbers, offering a beautiful finish and a long lasting product. Some of the timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones. So in other words, there are endless colour options for you to choose from…


Above all, the most valued thing we offer at Nordic Design is a quality product. With each item individually hand crafted from natural timber, your Furniture is ensured to withstand many years of enjoyed use. With our 50 years of experience represented through all of our pieces, we can assure our beautiful products will serve you well for years and years to come.

custom timber bed frame with leather upholstered headboard and floating bedsides made in Adelaide

Best of all, if you want to establish some continuity throughout your home, we can craft a range of furniture using complementing design styles, all in matching timber. Consider a Dining Table, Buffet, Display Cabinet or Lounge Suite all made to suit for a home that’s completely coherent and custom.

Visit our large Furniture Showroom and experience our beautiful pieces up close… Our experienced staff would love to discuss your furniture needs and help craft a custom Bedroom Suite for your home.