Custom Made Timber Buffet & Sideboards

custom made australian timber buffets handcrafted in adelaide

Each home is personal and therefore requires furniture that’s individually designed to suit. When choosing pieces of storage furniture, there are so many options to be considered. A Custom Timber Buffet and Sideboards are typically incorporated somewhere amongst the home, whether that be in your Living Room or Dining Room… And because each home is so different, there are so many variations for you to contemplate.

At Nordic Design Furniture, we have been proudly crafting custom Buffets and Sideboards for 50 years. With this level of experience, we are confident in offering our clients unique solutions to fulfil their storage and display requirements across all areas of their homes.

Our Buffet Cabinets are all locally hand crafted using quality crafting methods and materials. We source the best hardwood timbers which showcase beautiful grain details and rich colour variations to create uniquely designed pieces of furniture. One of the reasons why we especially love our Buffet Cabinets is because they feature timber pieces which span across the body of each cabinet, which beautifully reinforces the use of natural materials. Being able to offer this level of quality and uniqueness to our clients is something we are very proud of.

3m dining room buffet made from Blackwood timber with 6 doors

But what actually defines a Buffet Cabinet? Typically Buffets are designed as a mid-height cabinet, with a configuration of doors and drawers that incorporate internal shelving and storage compartments. Commonly, these are referred to as Dining Room Buffets because they are mostly used in the Dining Room for storing things like silverware and serving platters.

While most commonly part of the Dining Room, Buffet Cabinets are not restricted to this area. You can have them as part of an open living space, or even incorporate them into a hallway or formal sitting room – there is no rule of thumb.

Let’s explore some of the options for your custom buffet…


Choosing the Right Size & Storage for Your Timber Buffet

This depends on what you plan to use your Buffet Cabinet for… At Nordic Design, we individually hand craft each of our cabinets. This means, you can customise the size so it comfortably fits your desired space. We can also incorporate any number of doors and drawers to accommodate your storage needs.

In addition to this we offer plenty of built in features such as fully lined cutlery divisions, adjustable shelves and even internal drawers if you want a seamless outer aesthetic. You may desire a Buffet with Wine Rack built in, which is also something we can accomodate for you. Our Custom Made Furniture is designed to fulfil each client’s individual requirements – so no request is too defiant. We apply sophisticated design and crafting techniques when manufacturing all of our cabinetry.

A Sideboard with Drawers is a popular request, as it satisfies multiple storage requirements. A combination of doors and drawers means you can comfortably store various items with practicality.

timber sideboard with drawers made in Blackwood timber

While considering how your Sideboard will function, it’s also important to think about how it will look in your desired setting. What room of the house will this particular cabinet be placed in and what other furniture pieces will it be surrounded by? When furnishing an entire room or space, it’s always recommended to order multiple furniture pieces at the same time. This allows all of your items to be crafted from the same pieces of timber, ensuring a completely seamless and matching aesthetic. It’s also more likely your furniture pieces will be ready at the same time so you can set up your room all at once (which is a fun bonus).

There are also a wide range of finishing options too. We offer a variety of premium handle selections which vary in size, material and colour. Alternatively, you can choose push to open on doors and drawers if you prefer a flush finish to your cabinet. You could also choose to have your Buffet Furniture sitting on a risen leg to create a more spacious look. Or having the finish of a White Buffet to incorporate a fresh and modern look in your home. Consider all of these additions (and plenty more) when designing your custom Buffet or Sideboard with us.

white buffet and small buffet options

Our large showroom has a vast selection of Buffets and Sideboards displayed in a range of timber selections, design styles and storage configurations which you can browse. Our friendly staff are also around to answer questions and offer advice if you’re needing some direction.


What Makes a Nordic Design Buffet Different?

There are two things that make our Buffet Cabinets especially different – experience and quality materials. Locally crafting in Adelaide for 50 years has given us first hand experience for knowing what works. We can offer our clients advice based on years of experience which helps then in making successful decisions when designing their custom Buffet.

In addition to this, by using quality hardwood timbers across all of our Sideboards means they look and feel like quality and will endure many years of continued use. And because our Timber Sideboards are made using natural timbers, each client is ensured a completely unique piece… Meaning nobody will have a Buffet that looks like yours… And we think that makes our products even more special.

Some of the timbers we offer include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones. So in other words, the colour options are endless and whatever you envision, we can make possible…

Whether you need a Small Buffet Cabinet, a traditional Sideboard with Drawers or prefer a Modern Buffet, we can accommodate all of your requirements. Our Buffet Furniture is made so diverse because we know each client’s needs are equally diverse.

small buffet cabinets made in Adelaide from hardwood timbers

When choosing the style of Dining Room Buffet, consider a design that will complement your Dining Table and Chairs. You may also want to add a matching Display Cabinet or Wallunit for displaying crystalware or special occasion items. We’ve even customised traditional Buffets which include glass doors and internal lighting as a unique feature. Speak to us about your vision and let us help bring it to life. The reason our Cabinets are so special is because they are Custom Made. With each furniture piece being individually crafted in our local factory, your item will be truly one of a kind and perfectly fulfil your brief.

We are conveniently located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking). Visit our large showroom and explore our beautiful furniture in person. We have plenty of Cabinets (and other furniture) on display showcasing a variety of timbers and finishes. We also have a digital photo library with thousands of previous customer pieces that you can browse for inspiration. View our social media gallery to stay up to date and peek into our showroom.