As specialists in crafting beautiful furniture from natural hardwood timbers, we especially appreciate making Custom Cabinets. Since all of our cabinetry predominately showcases our timbers, we can’t help but admire the natural variations from one cabinet to the next. Whether you require Buffet Furniture for your dining space or a Custom Made TV Entertainment Unit, we offer a diverse selection of personalised options to suit any home.



Whether you require a Small Timber Buffet or a Large Buffet, we can custom build exactly to your size requirements, all while maintaining your desired design. Mostly used in dining rooms for serving items, consider other storage requirements you might have. You can opt for doors, drawers, adjustable shelving and even custom cutlery divisions. We work alongside you to establish your needs based on function and aesthetic, to ensure a Buffet Unit that’s especially custom built for you.

small timber buffet and large timber buffet crafted from hardwood timber

While Buffet and Sideboard Cabinets are useful in a dining environment, they aren’t limited to this space. Allow us to craft a Buffet to suit existing furniture items, offering more flexibility when deciding where to place your cabinet in its new home. As we can make to any size, your Timber Buffet can store not only dining items, but additional keepsakes too.

And don’t ignore the importance of your TV Entertainment Unit… While typically a smaller cabinet, this useful everyday piece can serve multiple purposes. Discreetly hide your multimedia units and daily items to maintain a neater living space. And with plenty of storage variations to include, you can create a truly custom designed piece just for you.

custom tv entertainment unit crafted in mountain ash timber with 3 drawers and open shelf

locally crafted timber entertainment units with custom storage options

Choosing a custom Buffet or Entertainment Unit can serve as a practical storage option. Being custom means you can determine the length, width or depth that is most suitable for your home. You can also incorporate internal drawers with special compartments to make putting things away easier and more organised. Things like adjustable shelving and cutlery dividers can all be incorporated – simply ask us.



Timber Display Cabinets can also be made to your personal requirements. Designed to store occasional items discreetly, but also showcase your most valued possessions. With the combination of timber and glass doors, create a sense of elegance in your home. Or you can make even more of a statement with a large Wall Unit, if space allows. Create a feeling of grandeur with a Wall unit crafted in your choice of timber and made to any size (of course).

timber display cabinets with different design options

We can make large and small Wall Units to fulfil all your requirements. If space is an issue (but you require more storage), why not consider building up instead of out? We can adjust all dimensions and proportions of existing designs to comfortably maximise your available space. There’s no need to be put off by the sound of a large Wall Unit… We can incorporate different design features to soften the look. Perhaps a mirror back behind glass doors to create an illusion of more space? Or the choice of a tapered leg, allowing your cabinet to sit off the ground for a less heavy look? As local cabinet makers, we are very adaptable to your requirements and can successfully achieve the best outcome for you by making special modifications where required to ensure the best storage solution possible.

contemporary timber wall unit with glass doors and hidden shelvinglarge timber wall unit made in oak with glass and timber doors and internal shelving

Another display option can be achieved with exposed shelving. We can craft a Timber Cabinet based on your design preference with adjustable shelves to accommodating different items. The option of a Timber Bookcase or open cabinet also creates a greater feeling of space. With slim lines and no doors, allowing light to bounce off each shelf for a beautiful feeling of openness.



It’s clear we offer an unlimited array of custom features and size variations – but lets talk about the design component (which we think is equally as important). Using natural hardwood timbers means each design is truly one of a kind. And by using traditional crafting techniques this ensures your Cabinet Furniture is built with quality finishes and joins – with longevity in mind. Being local cabinet makers allows us to incorporate even the smallest details to achieve exactly the look you want. Our careful attention to detail can be appreciated in each of our custom cabinets.

modern buffet and tv cabinet setting crafted from solid timber with white accents

Whether a Buffet Cabinet, Custom Wall Unit, or sleek TV Cabinet, we can design to suit existing furniture pieces by closely colour matching timbers and honouring design styles to best suit. Or if you want to update your existing style, we can build something new to completely freshen up your space. If you prefer dark, light, heavy or slim – we offer it all.

As our cabinets are predominately timber, it allows the materials to serve as a design feature and emphasise the natural quality of our hardwoods – which we think is very special. Our large Showroom has a vast selection of furniture items on display, in a range of timbers. While each item is unique, you can appreciate the natural colours and patterns offered from different selections up close.

Explore our selection of quality cabinetry in our spacious Showroom, conveniently located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking). Experience the quality and selections up close and talk to our friendly staff with years of experience to assist you in creating your dream Buffet, Display Cabinet or Entertainment Unit.