Choose the perfect sofa as the first step to designing your new Lounge Suite… The perfect sofa should combine the best in comfort and design. At Nordic Design Furniture, for almost 50 years we’ve been proudly crafting custom lounges for our clients. We believe your lounge room is a space that should offer comfort, warmth and reflect your personal style. Let us craft lounges to suit your space by helping you choose pieces of furniture to complement your lifestyle.

Blue Fabric Sofa with pinched back and rounded timber legs Fabric Sofa with button back detail and timber base

While we offer a large selection of designs, we can also assist in crafting custom designs to create your Lounge Suite. But what exactly defines a Lounge Suite? It’s the combination of various seating options, designed to function harmoniously in a joint living space. This doesn’t have to limit your options though…

Your Lounge Suite can comprise of multiple sofas, individual armchairs and an ottoman. Or consider having a large modular sofa with matching lounge chairs. The configuration of your Lounge Suite will be determined by the size of your living room and your lifestyle. Consider family members and how often you’ll be entertaining to best accommodate the number of people who will share this space.

So which lounge pieces are best for your home?


Choosing a combination of individual sofas usually offers more flexibility when setting up your living space and it certainly creates a more spacious feeling, by introducing pockets of negative space through exposed floor area. This additional space also lends itself to adding a designer rug or coffee table to complete the suite.

When considering your choice of sofa keep in mind the shape and size of your living space. Choose from 2 seater, 2.5 seater, 3 seater, 3.5 seater, or even larger to establish your Lounge Suite. Either as matching pairs, or multiple sizes combined if this better suits your space.

Leather Lounge suite made in Adelaide

The choice of combining separate sofas can sometimes feel more formal due to the symmetrical setup. Although, this traditional concept also allows for more personal space, so you don’t feel as restricted when choosing where to sit. Having multiple lounge pieces also allows you to incorporate different colours, textures and design styles if you wish to add some interest. Another benefit is that you have the opportunity to incorporate a sofa bed (if you choose). This occasional item proves very handy for out-of-town guests or family move nights. Either way – having the choice is always a nice bonus!

All of our lounges are individually hand crafted in Adelaide, which means you can customise plenty of features to improve the design and comfort. Choose your preferred seat depth and the firmness of your seat cushions for optimum luxury. You might also like to include a recliner or matching ottoman for an even deeper level of relaxation.

Leather Lounge Suite with electric recliners

Using clean lines and traditional crafting methods, we are confident in designing a sofa to suit your personal style… Whether you desire something traditional or contemporary, we have plenty of designs for you to explore. You can even work with us to create something custom if you already have something specific in mind.


Add more options for versatile seating to accommodate children or special guests. By including armchairs to your Lounge Suite it offers individual seating for those who might prefer it. It’s always a good idea to have separate lounge chairs as part of your suite – as they are so flexible and can even be re-purposed in another area of your home if you choose to redecorate.

pattern fabric arm chair   Leather tub chair with timber legs
red leather swivel chair made in Adelaide  traditional rolled arm lounge chair in fabric

By incorporating smaller furniture pieces like this also provides an opportunity for creativity. Choose to have your chairs upholstered with a colourful fabric or statement leather for a ‘pop’ of interest to your lounge room.

Fabric Lounge Suite locally made in Adelaide


For those with larger families who like to cosy up, a modular sofa is the perfect solution. Offering wide, deep seats for supreme comfort and a chaise for the option to lay down. Ideal for when everyone wants to watch tv at the same time, or simply gathering comfortably in one spacious zone.

The option of a Modular Sofa is ideal for those who prefer all–in-one seating (especially for growing families). Generally larger in size with a chaise or return section to offer extra seating and a place to stretch out and indulge in. Depending on the configuration of your lounge room, these can sit as a corner sofa or in the center of your room as a freestanding modular.

Leather Modular Sofa made in Adelaide

You can also incorporate a matching ottoman or some lounge chairs to suit if you wish to have some individual seating options as well.

When deciding what type of Lounge Suite will best suit your home, be sure to think long term… Consider your home and family over the coming years and try to accommodate for the changes in your lifestyle that are yet to come.

And why not complete your Lounge Suite with some additional items like a coffee table, side table, or tv unit? These furniture pieces will go hand in hand with your sofa and provide the finishing touch to your living zone. Whether part of open plan living or in a separate formal lounge area, your sofas should be designed with comfort and aesthetic equally considered. So why not visit our Adelaide Furniture Store and explore a range of Lounge Suites for you to consider…