We are still feeling inspiration from Spring… Which means fresh colours, exciting patterns and a mix of textures. At Nordic Design we offer a wide range of selections for you to choose from. With hundreds of fabrics and leather samples readily available in our showroom.

Let’s look at introducing patterns… Choosing the right pattern for your piece can seem a little challenging, as you want to ensure it’s going to complement the rest of your space. Patterns can pick up on elements of culture, nature and geometry. One of the best ways to incorporate a mix of patterns is by combining some of these elements. Take something organic, plus something geometric and play with the scale so one becomes the main feature.

Organic patterns are certainly making an appearance at the moment with Spring in the air. Usually inspired by nature, florals and rounded shapes these can create a softer look if you don’t want to introduce something too daring.


Selecting patterns that are geometric usually encompass repetition, distinct lines and bolder colours. Which is why it’s usually a good idea to choose these for a smaller feature item in your home.

Of course, colours are just as important in this equation. While you may like a certain fabric design, the colours you choose need to accompany your timber selection and the rest of the furniture that may already exist in your home.

For something that makes a statement, but doesn’t overpower the other surrounding pieces, why not consider something more subdued? Remember, deciding on a single feature colour will set the theme for your space. You may want to create a calm and relaxing room, which would invite shades of blue, grey and white. Or if you prefer something inspired by nature, perhaps tones of orange and natural leather could sit nicely?

While these ideas might help inspire you, there’s nothing like experiencing different options up close. See the vibrancy of colours and patterns against each other and feel the different textures.

At Nordic Design Furniture we offer a wide range of swatches for you to see, but we also have different furniture pieces showcasing some of our favourite selections… And there’s no better way to see these gorgeous fabrics than when they’re hugging equally gorgeous furniture.

So visit our showroom, where we can offer design advice and show you the range of options we have available… We’re located on Magill Road and are open 7 days.