The Natural Leather Choice

When choosing designer furniture, a few things might come to mind, such as design, materials and quality. These are possibly three of the most important things to consider when buying new furniture. In particular, one word comes to mind when thinking of these things… And that’s leather! Especially when considering a new lounge suite, nothing quite says “designer” like a gorgeous leather selection…

leather option


Why Leather is Always a Winner…

So let’s talk a bit about your leather options… While we offer countless leather options in various colours (and textures), we’ve noticed one in particular steal the show. Our Natural Tapa leather selection has been a clear winner with our customers recently. Its natural and earthy tones make it an ideal choice for many homes. It compliments both contemporary and traditional styles, while creating a sense of quality in every environment.

When designing your lounge, it’s important to give each component enough thought. As your lounge is such an important part of your home, you’ll be spending lots of time there. Whether it’s at the end of a long day, or to gather with family and friends. This means it has to accompany your lifestyle just right…

traditional lounge


With so Many Benefits…

As we’ve already mentioned, leather certainly oozes the “designer” feel, but what else makes leather the right choice for you?

leather modular

By selecting a quality leather, such as the Natural Tapa, your furniture will be far more durable and simply easier to maintain. Helping to hold the shape of your lounge means you will get a longer life out of it too. Of course, by opting for Natural Tapa, you’ll also have furniture that will suit many styles of home (which is very handy if moving house), plus it sits beautifully with most timber selections! It’s one of our favourite leathers to highlight in our showroom for this very reason…

contemporary lounge


Talk About Versatile

While, we’re obviously quite partial to this particular leather selection, it’s clear our customers are as well… Just take a look at some of the gorgeous lounges that have come through with this selection… In a range of modern and traditional looks, we love them all!

leather options

But while lounges are the obvious focus point, let’s take a look into dining chairs. Seen above on the Moda Dining Chair, we just love how versatile this leather can be. While darker colours (such as black or navy) can be quite overpowering when covering larger areas, the Natural Tapa is a great in-between shade. With rich, deep brown qualities, combined with softer undertones it becomes a great middle ground choice.

By incorporating your leather choice across multiple areas of the house, helps to create a sense of design flow, and we feel the Natural Tapa is the perfect leather selection for the job! So while you’ve gotten a small insight into this stunning selection, why not visit our showroom to see a sample of this leather up close – in lounge and dining options? We’ve love to help you incorporate this leather into your home with  quality furniture made for you…