Mondi Slim Coffee Table

This Mondi Slim Coffee Table showcases a modern design, with slim features and squared edges. This practical coffee table is made from Victorian Mountain Ash timber and sits comfortably in most spaces due to its rectangular shape. 

Pictured here is the Mondi Slim Coffee Table at 1.2m wide wide but can be made to any size.


Consider the dimensions for your Coffee Table. We can build to any size to suit your space. Consider storage options and timber selection. We can closely colour match to existing furniture items too.

Visit our Adelaide Showroom and explore the options.

Customer Variations

To follow are recent Mondi Slim Coffee Table variations as selected by customers, all locally handcrafted by Nordic Design.

1.2m, Tasmanian Blackwood (o7909)

custom made australian timber coffee table with straight legs and rectangular top

1 metre (o8974)

solid timber coffee table with rectangular top and straight legs

0.6m, Square (o9874)

custom made coffee table with square top

nest of two tables (o8203)

nest of two coffee tables both with square top

Glass top (o8359)

solid blackwood timber coffee table with glass square top

1.2m, larger leg (o7719)

tasmanian blackwood timber coffee table with rectangular top and straight legs

0,5m, Side Table (o8885)

custom made timber side table with square top