When choosing designer furniture, a few things might come to mind, such as design, materials and quality. These are possibly three of the most important things to consider when buying new furniture. It’s also nice to incorporate natural elements… And we are feeling inspired by spring at the moment.


With the colder months finally on the way out, we’re introducing brighter colours, softer fabrics and organic accessories. Playing with fresh colours like coral and introducing textured patterns means adding interest to your space. While typically we add bursts of colour through accessories, we’ve been letting the furniture take the spotlight recently and it’s simply stunning. Enjoy quality leathers, natural timbers and smooth design lines to create a contemporary presence.

As always, our showroom sees many customer pieces come through each week and we’ve noticed some spring inspiration in their recent selections… Beautiful colours and textured patterns are some that have been particularly inspiring.


At Nordic Design Furniture, we appreciate the beauty of natural hardwoods and are proud to showcase the quality of the timbers we use. With their unique detail in every grain and earthy colours, each item is entirely unique. Choosing lighter coloured timbers creates a brighter feel. Consider Mountain Ash and American Oak. With a naturally softer grain and lighter undertones these will open up your space and allow you to introduce some coloured features in other ways. If you prefer some more character in your timber, Tasmanian Blackwood has the perfect balance of dark and light tones.

The furnishings you select will make all the difference in defining the ambience for your home. The main ingredient to contemporary living is keeping things fresh and minimalistic (this is where the whites and neutrals come into play).