The Wallace Modular Lounge

Specialising in quality designer furniture is what we do… Especially when in comes to a Modular Lounge. With all of our products locally handcrafted right here in South Australia, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re after… so why not show you what we mean.


The Wallace Modular Lounge

We’ve been shining a spotlight on modular lounges recently – any why not… They’re practical, stylish, ideal for comfort and extremely versatile! While the modular lounge is a winner in our books, there’s something particularly special about The Wallace Modular. With its sophisticated design and striking presence, this is a lounge that combines luxury and comfort to the fullest.

Take a look at what we mean… Of course there’s the original Wallace design, which has the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary design elements. Pictured here in soft leather with features of Blackwood timber, it makes this piece truly special. Why not pop into our Stepney showroom to see it up close and personal?

Customise Your Modular Lounge

It doesn’t stop here though… There are endless opportunities to customize this particular lounge. From the smallest tweaks, to the most outrageous concepts, this modular has the flexibility to transform itself into anything you envision. Explore some of our customer pieces that have been inspired from the Wallace design. Although, we have only hand picked a few of our favourites, there are plenty more alternatives… Be sure to visit us to discuss any number of options!

wallace modular lounge

modular lounge

leather modular lounge

leather modular lounge

A Lounge Design that’s Just for You…

As always, it’s essential to select furniture that will compliment your lifestyle. Remember to consider where your pieces will sit and who will be using them. The Wallace is a lounge that will not only look stunning in your home, but it will stand the test of time. Made by the highest quality craftspeople, its made to last a lifetime. Plus, since you have the opportunity to be involved in the design process, you can create a lounge that provides the right style of comfort for you.

Perhaps a removable chaise would come in handy? If you like stretching out while you watch tv or read a book, then a chaise is perfect. Plus, with the option to have it sit on its own (or with your lounge) you will always find the right level of comfort.

You might also like having the option to recline? Being able to recline lets you reach that extra level of comfort after a long day (or week)… And of course its no problem for us – as we can personalize absolutely anything to suit you!

While you can modify your design, you can also determine the size of your Wallace Modular… So whether you want to seat the whole family, or curl up by yourself, there is no limit to the size of your lounge.


Visit Our Stepney Showroom

Talk to us today about creating a Wallace Modular that’s just yours. You may even want a standard lounge based off the design to fit a smaller living space? There’s really no end to the options you have, especially when it comes to a piece as diverse as this one!