At Nordic Design, we have been crafting Dining Tables for over 50 years. Maintaining traditional crafting techniques and using quality materials, we are proud to offer our client’s the very best in Dining Room Furniture… We’re especially passionate about our Round Dining Tables, as they are especially ‘on trend’ and in high demand from our customers…

There’s a reason the Round Dining Table is becoming a more popular choice to have as part of your home – and we think for good reason. Let’s talk about some of the benefits to having a Round Dining Table, as opposed to another shape…

It’s no secret that in recent trends there is plenty of emphasis on organic shapes and finishes to create a ‘minimalist’ style that feels effortless. It’s about starting with the basics and adding complementary components that are equally simplistic for a natural-feeling outcome. Using this theory allows you to experiment with colours, textures and accessories to change the theme of your space more effortlessly, without interfering with the main components. By incorporating curved edges and circular shapes offers a softer look and allows more variation in your layers of styling.

Why Choose a Round Dining Table?

Choosing a new Dining Room Table should be an enjoyable process – but of course, it’s a big commitment. While size is an obvious factor, the shape you choose is equally as important. Are you choosing a Table for your formal Dining Room, or to sit as part of an open plan living area for daily use? This is often the first question to ask yourself… The next will be, what type of space is available to you in this designated area?
Round Dining Table Suite with Leather Dining Chairs made in Adelaide

More often than not, a Round Dining Table is a great choice to have as part of your shared living space. This is because the softer edges allow for comfortable movement around your Dining Suite. Plus, because there are no harsh corners, it offers more open space around your table setting (which is perfect for an open plan space). Having an easily accessible Dining Space is so important as it helps in creating a central gathering point in the home.

Another positive feature is the symmetry it offers. This will create the most balanced visual overview of your space and will also feel most comfortable when dining with family and friends, offering easy food sharing and conversation. If you’re the go-to house for entertaining, then a Round Table is going to be a welcomed choice for many reasons. Of course, this balanced look and function can also be achieved with a Square Dining Table. Although usually restricting an additional seat or two (due to four defined corners), the even shape makes it a lovely visual in your home, but also a functional area.

Of course, the difference with a Round Table is having no sharp corners. Meaning you can easily fit additional seats with comfort and your table won’t take up extra space in your dining area. The smooth rounded finish also feels more discreet when part of a smaller space.

A Round Dining Table is ideal for open plan living, because of the continuous table top with no defined corners. It also sits harmoniously amongst other furniture pieces such as your lounge suite, display units and console tables. It’s also practical when used for daily activities such as homework or reading a paper – as any seat you take will offer you the same amount of comfortable space, feeling extremely luxurious (whether it’s large or small). This also means each person has exactly the same dining experience no matter where they are seated.

What Size Should my Round Dining Table be?

At Nordic Design, we can craft a Round Dining Table to any size you require – no matter how specific. Of course, your Dining Room / Area will be the main factor in determining your table size. The beauty of choosing a Round Table means you can often choose a size slightly larger because there are no corners taking up unnecessary space.

Round Dining Tables made to any size
Your seating will depend on a few factors – your personal preference and chair selection (as these can be wider or taller, taking up different room). Typically, a 1.5m Round Table will allow seating for 6-8 people, which is ideal for daily use. However, if you often have guests, a 1.8m Round Table might suit you better as this normally fits 8-10 people comfortably.

Because every home and lifestyle is so different, we customise each Dining Table to best accommodate your needs. Our experienced staff can offer plenty of advice if you’re feeling unsure about what size to choose.

Choosing a Design Style for Your Round Dining Table…

Because there are no harsh or distinctive lines with a Round Dining Table, it becomes open to interpretation. It can be changed from contemporary to traditional more easily than most other shapes. This is another great feature because it offers longevity (and that’s always a positive in our eyes).
Traditional or Contemporary Round Dining Tables made from Solid Timber

No matter if you desire something with a modern look or traditional charm, we can customise to suit any style. Explore the range of designs we offer online and in our large showroom – or come to us with an entirely custom idea and we can work with you to achieve it. You might consider combing different components from multiple designs – take one style of table top and pair it with a (different) base of your choice. We can even combine various materials for a truly unique look. Consider a black base to create a statement feature, or even a glass top for something a little more elegant. There’s no need to feel limited with your options…
Custom Design round dining tables made in Adelaide

Visit our Adelaide Furniture Store, open 7 days a week and conveniently located on Magill Road. Our large showroom offers a vast selection of Round Dining Table examples (amongst plenty of other designs). Talk to our friendly staff and allow us to offer our experience and advice when designing your new Dining Table…