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Your Bedroom Furniture is something you may want to update more often than the rest of your house. With your personal needs and style constantly changing, it’s nice to give your bedroom a re-fresh that reflects your evolving style. Of course, with each space comes its own challenges and considerations… Firstly, determine what sort of space you have to work with and how much storage you require. These things will ultimately help you to choose what Bedroom Furniture you need…

Let’s start with size…

If you have a slightly smaller bedroom, you’ll quickly realise how much space is taken up by storage – leaving very little room to play with. That’s why your furniture selections should be well considered to effectively complement your space. When you have furniture that’s stylish, functional, and clever you can’t go wrong…

So if you have a bedroom that’s lacking in space, consider your storage solutions wisely to ensure you’re creating more space – not less!

bedroom suite with bedside tables made in Adelaide

Bedroom Suite with Storage Options Custom timber bedside tables

Comfort, Design… And Function

Remember, your bedroom is predominately used for two things – sleeping, and storage. While it’s also the one room in your house to escape and unwind, you can’t ignore how it’s going to function! So let’s look at some different storage solutions…

When it comes to Bedroom Storage, there are plenty of options… Bedside Tables, Chests of Drawers, and Free Standing Wardrobes can be some of the most important ones. But what makes all the difference, is how these pieces are made… If you don’t have a large area, you certainly don’t want to fill up your space with bulky cabinets. While having extra drawers and shelves can be very handy, it often means restricting your space… But this doesn’t have to be the case…

At Nordic Design, we customise all bedroom furniture right here in Adelaide. This means you can personalise the design you like, plus the way it functions. Why not add some extra drawers underneath your bed frame for hidden storage? Discreet and very handy, these are a great solution for incorporating some additional storage. Taking up no extra room, you can fit plenty in these deep, wide drawers – we think this is a great space saver!

And while we’re on the topic of bed frames, you can also attach easy reach Floating Bedside Tables to gain some extra floor room… With the ‘floating’ design, this will give the illusion of more space, making your bedroom feel larger. However, even if you opt for traditional Bedside Cabinets, we can add some extra drawers, or a shelf to suit your preferred use. We commonly make 3 Drawer Bedside Tables for those who want convenient access to daily items, as well as custom designed bedsides with internal divisions to maintain organised drawers. But no matter what type of bedside you need, we can customise each piece to specifically suit your requirements.

floating bedside tables attached to bed frame

3 drawer bedside table with tapered legs and chrome handles modern bedside table with side panels and push to open drawer timber bedside table modern design made in Adelaide 3 drawer bedside cabinet with overhang top in black finish

The traditional cabinetry…

Of course, it’s hard to avoid larger cabinets when it comes to bedroom storage… That’s why we personalise every item to suit. Let’s start with a more popular item – the Chest of Drawers.

chest of drawers made in adelaide from hardwood timber with 6 drawers chest of 6 drawers with tapered legs and small chrome handles

A Chest of Drawers can offer fantastic storage for your bedroom, without feeling overly intrusive. Usually spanning lengthwise, these furniture pieces lead your eye across the room to give the appearance of greater width. Designed your way, your Chest of Drawers can have slim features and flush doors, contributing to a sleek design style. For a lighter feel, consider a tapered leg to sit off the ground and open your floor space to feel larger. And with custom sizing available, you can reduce the depth so your cabinet blends into the room more seamlessly.

chest of drawers made in Adelaide from ash timber with tapered legs custom chest of drawers with overhang top and two tone timber

If you find you’re still lacking in storage space, why not include a matching Tallboy? What can be considered a ‘Tall Chest of Drawers’ is a great solution if you want to work ‘upwards’ instead of ‘outwards’. In this instance, your cabinet will lead the eye upward and create a feeling of grandeur by lengthening your walls. Similar to a Chest of Drawers, you can include internal divisions and modify the depth of your drawers to maximise storage. As all of our Bedroom Furniture is locally crafted, we maintain the finest attention to detail in every item, as we know that every detail matters… Especially when it comes to cabinetry.

tall chest of drawers made in Adelaide custom tallboy with 5 drawers made in Blackwood timber large tallboy made in Adelaide with 7 drawers

Saving the best for last is the Free Standing Wardrobe. This can be made in the same design style as your other Bedroom Furniture to offer a coherent design. Our Wardrobe Designs are focused on durability and functionality, as we know the amount of use they get from day-to-day. As we custom design our Wardrobes to suit, you can choose options that best complement your bedroom space. If you’re trying to save room, perhaps opt for sliding doors to make access less intrusive on your negative space. Although, if space isn’t a concern, you can combine traditional doors and drawers if desired.

timber wardrobe design  large free standing wardrobe design with 3 doors and internal shelves free standing wardrobe design with doors and drawers

Internally we offer plenty of custom storage solutions as well… From low and high hanging rails to internal drawers and adjustable shelving, we can easily accommodate your storage needs. Custom dimensions are also available based on your individual requirements.

Get inspired in our Showroom

While some of these ideas might have caught your interest, there are plenty of other ways to add extra storage to your bedroom space. With various customer pieces entering our Showroom each week, be sure to pop in and see the options for yourself. Or visit our website where we showcase a variety of bedroom storage from Chests of Drawers, Bedside Tables, Wardrobes, and Tallboys… But don’t forget we can also customise a design specifically for you.

And if you still aren’t sure what will best suit your home, why not visit our large Showroom and speak with one of our staff? We’d love to show you the variety of options and help to create the bedroom furniture of your dreams…