Is it time to upgrade the Lounge Suite in your home? Perhaps your current Lounge is starting to feel tired and unloved… Then why not consider something different from the rest with a custom Lounge Suite, made especially for your living space? Your lounge suite should be well considered before committing to making a final decision on what you want… These furniture pieces are likely to be with you for many years and help form many special moments with family and friends – so give the decision the care and attention it deserves.

A Lounge Suite comprises of multiple lounge pieces that make up a setting. This can be done with any configuration you like… Consider a 2 seater + 3 seater combination, or a large Corner Lounge with Accent Chairs. Not only can you mix and match different sofa types and sizes, but you can combine different upholstery choices and design elements if you prefer to create a visual statement.

leather corner lounge made in Adelaide
leather arm chair for Lounge Suite 2 seater leather lounge suite

The layout of your Living Room will become a factor in your decision making when choosing a new Lounge Suite. Consider your living space and how much floor you’d like exposed. Plus the flow of the room will be impacted from the way in which you choose to configure your lounge furniture. Our range includes plenty of size and design options that you can explore in-person to help decide what is most suitable for you.

What is it that makes a Lounge Suite ‘custom’? This depends on your personal needs… It may be size, design, upholstery, shape, or function (or a combination of these things).

But one of the most important features that should be made ‘custom’ is comfort. But what is it that makes a lounge ‘comfortable’?

This is something individual to each person… So consider the key features you don’t want to compromise on when it comes to the comfort of your Lounge Suite… Back support might be important to you, or somewhere to rest your arms? Perhaps putting your feet up helps you to unwind? Our specialist craftspeople can accommodate your every request to offer the ultimate level of personal comfort so you can simply sit back and relax…

Offering many features available to customise from cushion height, seat firmness, and reclining options. Our large showroom has a variety of Custom Lounges on display, which you can experience up close.

Start with your Lounge of choice… Then add a recliner – it’s that easy! Recliners are a fantastic solution for added comfort, but also handy when you’re limited for space. If you’re struggling to include a chaise or ottoman for leg support, then having a recliner is ideal, as it only takes up space when in use and discreetly retracts when no longer required. Plus, when you’re particularly cosy and engrossed in the television, there’s nothing better than being about to lay down and get extra comfortable…

leather recliner chair made in Adelaide black leather lounge suite with recliner option

Enjoy the addition of a Reclining Sofa to your lounge suite. Visit our large showroom and see multiple recliner configurations to help visualize adding one in your living room.

This is usually the place to start… As the living room is often the gathering place in most households, it’s nice to create a focal point with your Lounge Suite. This can be achieved with your choice of upholstery, design style and even size. Treating your Lounge as a ‘statement’ will make it feel especially inviting for family and friends – and who doesn’t want that when entertaining?

As a design feature we love the inclusion of Accent Chairs. These smaller pieces usually make a Lounge Suite feel ‘complete’ and can be easily reconfigured to freshen up the look of your space. Incorporate patterns and accent colours to incorporate some personality to your living space.

pattern fabric accent chair for Lounge Room Accent colour fabric arm chair for Lounge Suite Modern Arm Chair for living room Lounge Suite leather arm chair for Lounge Suite

Consider the finer details too, like pinch back detailing, rounded legs and angled arms to help create the right mood for your space.

custom lounge suite designs made in Adelaide

Your home is an expression of you – your past experiences, personality and lifestyle. That’s why each Lounge Suite is unique to each home. Carefully consider your must haves and start the designing process from there. Don’t be fearful of practical features as well… For example, the inclusion of a Sofa Bed can be extremely useful when out of town guests are over or you simply want to have a family movie night in the living room. Seamlessly incorporated into almost any design of your choice, Sofa Beds are ideal as part of your Lounge Suite and offer practicality which should always be welcomed.

At Nordic Design we have been crafting Lounge Suites for almost 50 years. With this level of experience we are happy to offer advice and options to best accommodate your requirements. So visit our large Showroom, conveniently located on Magill Road and let us assist you in designing a custom Lounge Suite for your home… We offer plenty of rear parking as well!