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An Armchair Just for You

When it comes to relaxation, Nordic Design Furniture have options galore! And we understand that having a place specifically for you to unwind and relax is essential… So why not consider updating your space – specifically with an armchair. With all of us leading busy lifestyles, there’s nothing better than coming home to unwind in pure comfort.


Having a quality armchair can make for the perfect accent piece in any room. Plus, it’s a terrific way to incorporate additional seating within your home. Your armchair should suit your home decor, but most importantly it should comfortably fit in the space you choose for it! Perfect to have in your study, lounge room, bedroom or even hallway. And since we handcraft all of our occasional chairs right here in South Australia, this piece will last you for years to come. By customising a high quality armchair for your home, you will ensure a piece that is timeless and can even be passed down to family members in future years.

The best thing about Nordic Design’s occasional chairs is that each one is customised to suit you. From the design, size, upholstery and comfort – it’s a chair that’s quite literally made just for you. Pretty cool don’t you think?

So let’s take a look at what makes our armchairs so unique… While you can view some of our latest chairs on the customer selections page of our website, let’s talk you through your options in a little more detail…

Firstly, let’s shine a light on the Carlton Chair. A classic design that our customers have been loving for years. As a standard piece, its classic, well proportioned design is certainly eye-catching. This also makes it suitable for most styles of home – whether they be contemporary or classical. We’ve customised hundreds of Carlton chairs over the years, which is understandable, due to its adaptive nature.

The Carlton Variations

Seen here, it suits fabric or leather quite beautifully, meaning you have plenty of options when it comes to the visual component of this chair. With this, you also make the decision of what size your Carlton chair will be. Perhaps you’d like the back to sit a little higher, or for the legs to be a little shorter? Why not introduce a slightly wider arm for extra comfort? We can transform this piece in any way you wish so it feels just right!

Of course, while the Carlton chair is a favourite, we have a great variety of styles to start with. With more contemporary options, such as our Naples Chair. And of course the classic designs such as our Lippis and Herriot chairs. Keeping in mind, this is just to list a few… With an ever-growing range, you can customise any style you wish, or invent something completely new that’s one of a kind. You may like the idea of a recliner or adding an ottoman to rest your feet? These are all options we have available to you – just ask and we can show you hundreds of variations we’ve created.

The Naples Chair

Another design that’s been quite popular with our customers over the years is the Grange Swivel chair. Of course, with the swivel base, it’s a very important feature for some people. Ideal for an office/working environment, but can also be a fun addition to your living space. Once again, you have full say with this occasional chair – from size, to upholstery. The leather selection is more corporate and the fabric can create a cosier feeling. Either way, the option is entirely yours, as we know everyone’s homes have different styles and personal requirements.

The Grange Swivel Chair

While the Carlton and Grange are very different types of occasional chairs, there are endless styles for you (these are just some of our favourites). Why not come in and talk to us about your ideas? We would love to assist you in creating a custom armchair perfect for your home!

Before you come in, don’t forget to visit our customer selections to see some of our most current customer variations… It may help inspire you!