Are you currently looking to update your Dining Furniture? Or perhaps you’re ready to furnish your new home and looking for specially sourced pieces? Either way, the process of choosing a Dining Table is something special because it will significantly impact the rest of your home’s style…

Locally crafted here in Adelaide, all of our Dining Tables are carefully constructed using natural materials and traditional crafting techniques. This guarantees a high quality finish and longevity of your piece. And while quality is something desired by most, we understand that design and function are equally as important (and can be very personal)… This is exactly why we individually craft each Dining Table from scratch, so it can be customised to suit each client.

Size, Design and Timber are three of the key considerations when constructing your new Dining Table – it’s what makes your table specifically your own. So let’s break down these areas into some more detail…


There are a number of considerations to help determine the best dimensions for your Dining Table. Firstly, asses the overall size of your Dining Room and contemplate how your complete Dining Suite will fit… Start with the table, then follow with chairs and consider how much additional space these will require.

*Remember to allow plenty of room for when guests pull their chair out to sit at the table. We suggest at least 1 metre between table edge to wall or adjacent furniture to allow for a comfortable experience. You also want ample space while dining so guests can walk around the room with plenty of space.

dining table and dining chair suite

Of course, if you aren’t sure exactly what size to commit to, we can always accomodate by crafting an Extendable Dining Table for you. If room permits, this concept is ideal for taking up minimal space on a daily basis, while offering a larger option for special occasions when gathering with more guests. Not only do we ensure our extension tables maintain a designer look, but the mechanism is seamless and easy to use – meaning no strain on the table or user. Our Extendable Tables are crafted to the highest standard and offer a truly personalised experience which is perfect for those serious entertainers who enjoy the luxury of having additional dining space.

Then determine whether you need to accommodate for additional Dining Room items, such as a Buffet or Wallunit. Of course, our experienced staff will happily talk you through the options you need to consider before committing to a final design and size.


Choose from our standard designs, create your own from scratch or mix and match a combination of styles. From traditional rectangular dining tables, to more contemporary shapes like Round or Square – we can make it all.

large rectangular dining table made from solid blackwood timber round timber dining table made in mountain ash timber

Your Dining Table can be made to match other Dining Furniture such as Dining Chairs, Buffets and Wallunits. Have a complete setting crafted at the same time to ensure a matching timber selection, or allow us to closely colour match with existing furniture items already in your home for a harmonious finish.

dining room wallunit with glass doors for display items and timber doors dining room buffet cabinet with four doors and four drawers made from solid timber

We can craft your table to incorporate either contemporary or traditional finishes based on your preferences. Consider slim lines and tapered edges for something more modern, or features like a pedestal base and rounded corners for something more traditional. Or you might have existing Chairs or other Dining Furniture you want to base the design off – we can also accommodate this requirement if desired.


At Nordic Design, we are proud to use hardwood timbers when manufacturing our Dining Tables. We love embracing natural materials and emphasising organic grain variations as part of our designs. Not only does this mean our Dining Tables are sturdy and longwearing, but they are unique to each client.

We offer a large selection of timbers which include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. Alternatively, if you have existing furniture pieces you’d like to match, our specialist polishers can closely match colour tones.

Tasmanian Blackwood timber sample  american oak timber sample  Jarrah timber sample  Victorian Mountain Ash timber sample

Your timber selection will also impact the overall feeling of your Dining Setting. Typically, our darker timbers with strong character details like Blackwood and Jarrah are chosen for traditional style homes, while lighter selections such as Mountain Ash or Oak are preferred for a modern style with softer grain variants.

So what does custom mean exactly? We understand that each client has individual requirements for style and function – especially when it comes to selecting a Dining Table. And while we offer a range of existing designs for you to consider, we understand that sometimes a pre-existing image in your head can’t be found in a showroom… So why not tell us about your preferences and allow us to “mix and match” design components until we can achieve exactly what you envision?

When we use the term “mix and match” we mean you can combine different elements from multiple designs to create something unique. Pair one table base with a different table top to create a new look. Or modify an existing design – perhaps by incorporating a black base for contrast against a timber top, or adding rounded corners for a softer finish. There are no limitations when it comes to your design options, so speak with our experienced staff to establish the perfect balance for your Dining Table.

modern timber dining table with tapered top and black base

As Furniture Makers in Adelaide, we are passionate about each and every item we make. We are proud to offer locally made furniture (made by locals) for fellow locals. Supporting local business is something at the forefront of our minds, especially during current times, and we think it’s special for our customers to be a part of.

Our large Showroom is conveniently located on Magill road and offers plenty of rear parking for comfortable accessibility. We have a large selection of Dining Tables and Dining Suites on display for you to explore up close. Gather ideas and discuss your requirements with our staff to achieve exactly what you want.