Custom Home Office Desk with Drawers made in Adelaide

At a time when working from home is considered the new normal, it’s important to maximise your working space, and this starts with having the right Home Office Furniture. To spark some inspiration, take a moment and re-visit the layout of your Home Office… Materials, comfort, and practicality should be at the forefront of your mind when setting up your office space, to help make working at home feel more satisfying.

When considering the arrangement of your Home Office, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To start, perhaps revaluate your current setup and establish how much space you have and the things you need to make working from home more productive and sustainable… Do you have limited room? Is your study combined with an additional living area? Will this be a room for adults and children? These are all the things to think of before preparing your Office Space…

For 50 years, Nordic Design have personalized hundreds of Home Office solutions for many customers… We consider things like the space you have, your style of home, and of course your individual working requirements, to offer ultimate comfort and productivity. All of this ensures you’re provided with working and storage solutions that will benefit your working routine exactly how it should.


So you’re now in a position to Work From Home and it can be difficult to separate ‘work life’ from ‘home life’. That’s why your Home Office Space needs to be carefully considered to establish a clear ‘work zone’.

Firstly, consider what sort of Office Desk you require… You might prefer the idea of a multi-functional office piece, combining both desk and storage in one unit? A Custom Made Desk like this is ideal for a Home Office being used from day-to-day. Alternatively, you may prefer a Corner Desk for something more traditional. This configuration could be more suitable if you require plenty of desk space for your work. We offer both traditional and contemporary Office Desks, or can create a Custom Home Office Desk to your preferred style if needed. Let us explore the options available for your Custom Made Desk.

large custom work and storage units locally crafted from solid timbers for home office

You can also incorporate additional features to get the most out of your workspace. Hide unwanted cords with considered design concepts or add internal storage divisions for simplified organisation. And most importantly, choose from our range of hardwood timbers for a spectacular finish… Enjoy gorgeous grain details and natural colours to bring some luxury to your Home Office. We craft all of our Office Desks to custom sizes, based on your preferred design – and with plenty of storage variations. Being locally crafted here in Adelaide means all of our Home Office Furniture is made to a high quality, which offers a long-lasting product.

A Custom Home Office Desk is considered essential in the current environment… Our Range of Office Furniture can be easily customised to suit individual requirements – because each person has different working preferences. Offering a vast variety of Colours and Finishes, designs, sizes, and additional features, our Home Office Furniture is ideal for those who need to Work From Home.

We can craft Desks with Drawers to your preferred configuration…. Whether you simply require a single compartment, or multiple drawers with a built in filing solution, we can customise your ideal configuration to fulfil your most practical working setup. Our Computer desks can be made to any size, with custom features to best accomodate your desk setup. Along with 50 years of experience, we also have a digital library with images of past desks that have been crafted with custom features. You can explore these in our Showroom to help you gather inspiration.

Of course, for those who want something minimal to use as a ‘secondary’ working space, we can also accommodate your needs… Offering slimline, minimal desk designs to fit discreetly into a nook or be used as part of a bedroom. Or you may simply require a smaller desk to add an extra working space in your existing Home Office? Whatever your needs might be, let us work out the best solution to accommodate your work space…

custom office desk features for your home office locally designed and crafted


Next, why not consider your options for Storage Space? We understand that maintaining an organised working area can feel a little overwhelming when at home – the thought of paperwork getting lost amongst other things can seem unavoidable at times. Here at Nordic Design, we offer plenty of custom storage solutions made to specifically suit your working space. Consider items like Bookcases with adjustable shelving and Filing Cabinets with deep drawers for additional convenience. Alternatively, combine storage nooks within the design of your Office Desk. With our custom-made cabinets, your Home Office will remain organised and help to increase productivity.

We offer a Wide Range of Office Storage to make working from home feel less challenging. With many people having to modify rooms to accommodate a Home Office, this usually means sacrificing storage of your personal items. Maintain some order in your home by incorporating office-specific storage cabinets. These can include doors, drawers, adjustable shelves and even filing systems. Talk with us about your storage needs and let us determine how to best satisfy your requirements. With custom Office Storage, you’ll be able to determine a clear distinction between your Office Space and your living space.

We believe the addition of a Bookcase is always handy to have as part of a Home Office Space. Books and journals that quickly build up and lose their place on your desk will now have somewhere to sit (neatly). And having a bookcase that doubles as a Display Cabinet is also a welcomed concept – especially if it’s sitting in a shared living/office space. Designed with glass doors and open shelves, you can hold a range of books and display pieces in the same place.

large and small custom timber bookcases with various storage options made in adelaide

Tip: Another benefit of having a two-in-one piece like this means you can easily move it from different rooms of the house when re-decorating.


Locally made in South Australia and designed with custom requirements in mind, we are confident in providing our customers with Home Office Furniture that’s suitable for their needs. Regardless of what you have in mind, Nordic Design Furniture can assist. Whether you’d like to match existing pieces or create something completely custom, our specialized craftspeople have the ability to transform your ideas into useable pieces.

Stop by our Adelaide Furniture Store (conveniently located on Magill Road) where you’ll find a Wide Range of Home Office Furniture on display. Alternatively, why not visit the Home Office Furniture section on our website to give you some ideas…