custom made australian timber dining tables handcrafted in adelaide

When furnishing your home, one of the most significant items you’ll consider is your Dining Table. This item is undoubtably one of the most used in the house and will be shared by all (including guests). So really, when choosing your Dining Table, you need to accommodate for all occasions, both everyday and special.

With over 50 years of crafting experience, Nordic Design can certainly assist in your selections. We’ve crafted thousands of Custom Dining Tables for many people, to fulfil a variety of requirements. As local Furniture Makers in Adelaide, we can successfully customise a Dining Table to suit your personal requirements. we have plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to what works… And we’re particularly passionate about Dining Tables, as we understand the role they play in most households, being a ‘central zone’ so you should have a dining table worthy of all special moments…


Quality Dining Furniture

Firstly, all of our Dining Settings are made using the highest quality materials, ensuring the best in design and function. We predominantly manufacture our Dining Tables (and chairs) with Australian Hardwood timbers. These include Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. By manufacturing with these hardwoods, you’ll notice richer colours, more detailed grains and most importantly, durability… There’s something particularly special about using natural materials.

quality hardwood timber selections

It’s always nice having some reassurance when purchasing Custom Furniture… Particularly when it comes to Dining Room Furniture. Your Dining Table will become one of the most used furniture items in the house – so it needs to stand the test of time. And by focusing on every detail from the materials, to the design and manufacturing process, we can achieve the very best results for you.


Designing Your Dining Table

While choosing quality is a key component, the design is just as important. As we hand craft each Dining Table right here in Adelaide, you’re able to be involved in the design process – from start to finish. And while the timber plays as a design feature, you can also personalise the shape, size and finish of your Custom Made table. So let’s talk more about your options…

While we have some existing designs, there is almost no limit to what we can achieve for you. Every element should work as a design feature – from top to bottom. So why not mix and match some of our designs to create something entirely new? We’ve seen some stunning combinations come through our showroom. Of course, you can present us with a concept from scratch and allow us to bring it to life…


Check Out That Base

Although not typically the first thing people notice, the base of your Dining Table can serve as a real feature of the overall design. With an open base, like the Trestle Slim (pictured), you can create interest from different shapes and angles created through open spaces. The addition of some modern bench seats also make a great choice for this concept. Being crafted with such care, the Table itself becomes an art piece, and it also allows your gorgeous timber selection to be admired from a different perspective which adds warmth.

Trestle Dining Table made from blackwood timber with slim top and open base

Of course, a Modern Dining Table design is our Pannelli (pictured). Always a winner with our customers because of its seamless base – set further underneath the table top – it’s slightly hidden and has a stunning timber panel which makes a gorgeous feature when admired from either end. This base is perfect for extra leg room when having larger gatherings. Something intended as a design feature also enhances function, which is a win win according to us!

The Cherry On Top

The table top will also change the look of your Dining Table – and of course, this is completely customisable too. You may want a modern finish by selecting a thin, square edge top. Or you can incorporate some character with detailing around the edge for some added charm. The smallest of details can have a significant impact to the overall feel of your Dining Table. Which is why we offer the option of a thicker or thinner table-top, based to suit the style of your home…

And we make Large or Small Tables to suit your space – so your Table Top can easily be adjusted to suit this. The shapes available are limitless too – traditional rectangle, oval, square and round. All with the option to turn into an Extendable Dining Table. Plus, you can request your desired timber selection too… Perhaps you’d like an even selection, or one with more grain? We can even manipulate the colour of your timber to create something a little more specific. It’s important to get this right, as your table top showcases the most surface area and is where people will notice first.

Why Not Choose Extendable

Because two is better than one… And that’s basically what having an Extendable Dining Table means. A smaller size for everyday, that can easily enlarge for occasional gatherings with more people. When it comes to choosing an Extension Table, we can confidently assist you, as we’re specialists in crafting these – and have been for over 50 years. Complete with a simple extension mechanism and crafted using quality materials, you’ll love our Extendable Tables.

extendable dining tables locally crafted in Adelaide

So, now that we’ve touched on some of the basic options, why not visit our large Showroom and see some designs up close? We have a large range of styles on display, and also a digital photo album which has thousands of pictures showing past creations.

Our friendly staff would love to assist you in bringing your Dining Furniture to life. Located on Magill Road, with plenty of rear parking, it’s convenient for you to visit us. We look forward to seeing you in store…