Custom Made Dining Suites Adelaide

At Nordic Design Furniture, we are passionate about crafting Custom Made Dining Suites for our customers. Here in Adelaide, we specialise in designing and crafting quality Dining Tables and Chairs to suit the needs of all… And with over 50 years of experience, we are confident in being able to assist you in choosing your new Dining Suite.


Why choose Custom?

The real question is why not? By choosing Custom, means you’re choosing furniture that will completely fulfil your requirements of design, function and comfort – all big ticks in our books.

And because each of our pieces are made to order and individually hand crafted, there’s no disadvantage to opting for Custom.

Many of our customers begin their journey by entering our inviting Showroom and browsing some of our popular designs which are on display… From here, after speaking with our staff, the choice of Custom is often settled upon. While there are many beautiful designs available, by choosing something unique means every detail will suit your needs (no matter how specific they may be).

Because everything we do is made to order, even if you choose an off the floor design, we will still make yours from scratch… So while we’re at it, you may as well consider some custom features (it’s no trouble for us).

Whether completing a formal Dining Room or adding to an open Living Space, as Local Manufacturers we can fulfil all your requirements – big and small.

Using Sustainable Materials is an added bonus when choosing a Nordic Design Dining Suite. Not only do we strive to offer the best in aesthetics and function, but we think about the long term… Which is why we only work with Premium Quality materials with a focus on Sustainability. If you want to know more, simply visit our large Showroom to see and feel our materials up close and learn about our environmental practices from one of our experienced staff.

Australian Natural Timber Swatches

Our Design Inspirations are based on natural elements and minimalist design principals, as we like to let the materials and Craftsmanship be the highlight of what we do. Of course, we’re equally inspired by our customer’s. Usually accompanied with house plans or photos of surrounding scenery, furniture selections are usually inspired by the home they’ll be living in. We love this, because once customers receive their pieces, it truly feels like their Furniture was made to be in their home… Because it was.

When it comes to Dining Furniture in particular, we can’t help but get excited! As specialists in making Dining Tables and Chairs, we know what works and are thrilled to explore all kinds of possibilities for you.


Dining Tables

While Dining Tables may seem pretty ‘stock standard’ they really aren’t… At least not from Nordic Design. All crafted exclusively from premium Hardwood Timbers ensures Durability and many years of enjoyed use – exactly what you want for your Dining Table.

And while you can feel confident in the quality and longevity of your Table, you can also consider the design you like. Start by considering the size, but also the shape. Choose your preferred style of base, then combine with a table top of your choice – rectangular, square, round or oval. There are pros and cons to all shape options, but each home and lifestyle will benefit from something different, which is why we offer so many options.

You may also want to consider choosing an Extendable Dining Table. The perfect solution to fulfil daily and occasional use with its multi size options. And our mechanism is seamless and easy to use, making it a comfortable option for anyone.


Dining Chairs

Our Dining Chairs are also something to be celebrated. Beautifully crafted, our Chairs offer premium comfort and support (which is all individualised based on your preferences). They also hold their shape for many years after continued use… The quality is long lasting because of the considered craftsmanship.

And the choices of Fabric and Leather available in our Showroom are especially unique. We undoubtably have something to suit everyone’s style… We also offer professional stain guarding should you be choosing a Fabric option, meaning you don’t have to be nervous when hosting dinner parties (especially ones with red wine).


When considering your buying experience as a whole, we also think it’s nice to communicate with someone face to face who understands your needs – very different to purchasing online which has become the norm. Purchasing Dining Furniture should be an enjoyable process, and that’s one of our key focuses here at Nordic Design. These decisions shouldn’t be rushed, but rather well considered to ensure you’re adding the perfect addition to your home. Being a long term investment, it’s important to speak with someone who realises this and appreciates all of your considerations.

While we’ve merely skimmed the surface here, you’ll be able to gain a true understanding for what we offer if you visit our Furniture Store. Conveniently located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking), you can browse a large range of what we offer and experience the different possibilities up close. Plus, while you’re in store, take the opportunity to speak with our experience staff who can offer plenty of advice!