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How to choose the right furniture for your bedroom

Your bedroom is a true reflection of who you are and that’s why Nordic Design personalize all types of bedroom furniture to suit you. Your bedroom is not just a place for sleeping, it can transform into a study, a playroom, and even a dressing room – it’s the perfect place for some time to unwind and relax too.


What is it that makes a bedroom feel so comforting though? Sometimes it’s the little things like candles and quirky accessories, or lots of cushions and fluffy blankets. But it’s also the things that seem less noticeable… like the furniture you choose.


How to choose the right furniture for your bedroom?

It all starts with the design – and at Nordic Design your options are limitless! A design that catches your eye can come to life in your choice of timber and be made to your required dimensions and modified to the finest details. Each person’s style is completely unique, which is why we rarely produce “stock standard” pieces. We see dozens of one-of-a-kind items come through our factory every week for this very reason.

See some of our most recent customer selections that we’ve personalized here


Consider your space…

Are you setting up a bedroom for yourself and your partner, or perhaps your kids are wanting a new look as they get older? Are you looking for something a bit lighter to create a more spacious feel, or are you after something more practical? Whatever ideas come to mind, talk to us and we can create all types of stunning bedroom furniture just for you.


Kenton Bedroom Suite

Take a look at some examples here….  Featuring our Kenton Design.

One of our most popular bedroom designs, the Kenton is a contemporary design with clean lines and minimal features, making it a popular style with most of our customers. Due to its simplicity, it allows for various modifications as well, meaning you can make it especially for you.


Create more space

Need some extra bedroom storage, but don’t want to take up much room? Why not add some drawers to your bed frame? Discreet and very handy, these are a very popular addition to the Kenton design. These bedsides have also had an extra draw added to them – very practical and it won’t take up any extra space in your bedroom. Of course, you can always order a chest of drawers to accompany your bed and bedsides to ensure you never run out of bedroom storage.



However, if space isn’t an issue you can create a more open feel by minimizing the number of cabinets you have. Introduce a higher leg like this Kenton has, for a modern take on this design. Stick to the classic single drawer bedside tables as well to eliminate heaviness around your bed. The smallest modifications can have a significant impact to the overall feel of your bedroom. That’s why we focus on the smallest of details…



Want to see more?

We can tell you the options are endless, but why not see for yourself? Visit us in our showroom where we can show you hundreds of images of customer selections. See the different timber options (and fabric or leather options if you’d like an upholstered headboard or blanket box). See the different finishes such as gloss or matte and see the various shapes, sizes and everything else in-between.


Don’t forget to visit our customer selections online as well! And visit us in our Stepney showroom to talk to us about your requirements.