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How to choose the right bedroom furniture in 2024

Your bedroom is more than just a place for sleeping; it’s a sanctuary that reflects your unique personality and style. At Nordic Design, we understand the significance of personalisation in creating a space that truly feels like home. That’s why we offer customised bedroom furniture tailored to your individual needs. Whether your bedroom doubles as your dressing area, or even a study, we ensure it’s the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.


What Makes a Bedroom Comforting?

The comfort of a bedroom often comes from the finer details. Soft lighting, the warmth of scented candles, accessories, plush cushions, and fluffy blankets all contribute to a cozy atmosphere. However, the choice of furniture plays a pivotal role in setting the tone of the room. The pieces you select are not just functional; they influence the mood and aesthetic of your personal retreat. Whether you prefer the warm feeling of Tasmanian Blackwood or the elegance of Tasmanian Oak, we offer a range of timber to complement your unique needs.

Australian Natural Timber Swatches


The Role of Colour and Material

Choosing the right colours and materials can significantly affect the feel of your bedroom. Lighter woods and fabrics can make a small space feel bigger and brighter, while darker tones create a sense of warmth and intimacy.

At Nordic Design, we offer high quality timbers and finishes, allowing you to match your timber furniture to your desired ambiance. Visit our showroom and view our wide range of upholstery swatches, including Tasman Leathers, Zepel Fabrics, Warwick and Wortley



Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom

At Nordic Design Furniture, the possibilities are endless. Our design process begins with your vision. You can choose from an extensive range of timbers, specify dimensions, and adjust even the smallest details. We pride ourselves on crafting furniture that is as unique as each of our clients, trading the one-size-fits-all approach for truly bespoke creations. With over 50 years experience creating solid timber furniture, your bedroom will not only be aesthetically and functionally beautiful, but a testament to the quality of local craftsmanship that Nordic Design Furniture has been known to uphold for over 50 years.


Discover Our Custom Creations

Explore our recent bespoke bed designs here. Each piece is crafted in our local workshop, showcasing the diverse and unique preferences of our customers. From custom dimensions to personalised finishes and features, see how we bring your individual ideas to life, whether you prefer the soft look of a fully upholstered bedhead or the clean lines of a timber headboard – or even a mix of both!


Optimising Your Space

Whether you’re designing a shared bedroom with your partner or planning a fresh look for your growing children, the functionality and feel of the space are paramount. If you prefer a light, airy vibe, opt for pieces that enhance the sense of space, such as our Elliot Bed. Conversely, practicality might be your priority, with clever storage solutions that maximise functionality without sacrificing style. Our Elliot Bed with Storage is a popular option for those needing extra storage without having to impact the aesthetics of a custom made bed frame.

Featured Design: Kenton Bedroom Suite

Our Kenton Bedroom Suite exemplifies contemporary elegance with its clean lines and minimalistic design. It’s versatile enough to allow for various modifications, ensuring each piece can be tailored to your preferences. View previous examples of our Kenton Suite here.


Creative Storage Solutions

Need more storage but concerned about space? Consider integrating drawers into your bed frame for a sleek, space-efficient solution. Our Elliot design includes optional extra drawers in bedside tables and under the bed, providing ample storage without cluttering your space. For those who need even more storage, our bespoke chest of drawers is both stylish and functional. Consider an Elliot Wardrobe, or Elliot Tallboy to create a cohesive designer look.


Minimalist Modifications

For bedrooms where space is plentiful, a minimalist approach can keep the area open and airy. Opt for designs with higher legs and fewer drawers to maintain a light, uncluttered look. Even small modifications, like the choice of bedside tables, can significantly influence the room’s overall ambiance. The Elliot 1 Drawer bedside table is a gorgeous example of sleek design lines with minimalist finishes.


Sustainable Practices in Furniture Manufacturing

Sustainability is at the heart of our manufacturing processes. We use locally sourced materials and employ methods that minimise waste, ensuring that each piece of furniture not only adds beauty to your home but also supports ethical environmental practices. Sustaining both the environment and the local industries in South Australia have been paramount to Nordic Design Furniture for over 50 years.


Explore Endless Possibilities at Our Showroom

While we can describe the endless possibilities, seeing them firsthand is truly inspirational. Visit our Stepney showroom to explore a vast array of custom designs, materials, and finishes. From timber to fabric and leather options, discover how different elements can transform your bedroom into a bespoke haven.


Visit Us Online and In-Person

Don’t miss out on our online gallery of customer selections. Visit us online or stop by our Stepney showroom to discuss your bedroom furniture needs with our knowledgeable team. Your dream bedroom awaits! View our social media gallery to stay up to date and peek into our showroom.