Discover the Perfect 8-Seater Dining Tables in Adelaide

In the heart of every home is a place where stories are shared, and memories are cherished. Often, this place is around the dining table. In homes across Australia, the demand for functional, and aesthetically pleasing dining solutions is met by the functionality and elegance of 8-seater dining tables.


At Nordic Design Furniture, we pride ourselves on crafting tables that not only accommodate large gatherings but also add a touch of bespoke beauty to your dining room. For over 50 years we have been hand crafting solid timber furniture in Adelaide, at our workshop just 5 minutes from our furniture showroom located in Stepney.


Embrace Quality with Custom Dining Tables in Adelaide

If you are looking for a solid timber dining table that boasts both functionality and exceptional luxury craftsmanship, Nordic Design is your destination for an 8-seater dining table that does exactly that. Crafted from locally sourced timber, each table is a testament to South Australian craftsmanship. Our range includes solid timber dining tables and extendable dining table options that promise durability and adaptability. Whether hosting a large dinner party or enjoying an everyday meal with your kids, our tables ensure everyone has a seat.

Australian Natural Timber Swatches

Each piece is meticulously designed to reflect the contemporary yet classic preferences of our clientele, seamlessly integrating into various decor styles from minimalist to traditional. By selecting an 8-seater from Nordic Design, you’re investing in a piece of furniture that withstands the test of time, both in style and functionality.


Customisable Dining Room Furniture for Every Home

Understanding that each home has its unique flair, we offer customisable dining room furniture to match your personal style and space requirements. From natural solid timber to custom toned tables, our bespoke table design process allow you to create a piece that perfectly fits your home’s aesthetic.

The design process is collaborative and thorough, ensuring that the final product is as unique as your home. With over 50 years experience building quality solid timber dining furniture, you will be assured the dining table you create will proudly be the centrepiece of your dining space for years to come.

Customisation at Nordic Design goes beyond simple aesthetics. It involves selecting the size, shape, and finish of your table, as well as the type of timber, from a range of high quality, locally sourced options. Our showroom team work closely with you to ensure that every detail, from the dimensions to the finishing touches, aligns perfectly with your vision and functional needs.


A Wide Range of shapes, sizes and designs.

At Nordic Design, we understand that the shape of a dining table can significantly influence the dynamics and aesthetics of a dining room. That’s why we offer a versatile selection of shapes, including square, round, and rectangular tables to suit any family size or room dimension.

Highlighting our collection is the Morris Square 8-Seater Dining Table, a standout piece known for its robust design and elegant simplicity, perfect for those seeking a modern yet functional dining area.

For those desiring a more tailored approach, we also craft custom rounded oval tables, providing a unique blend of contemporary style and classic comfort. Additionally, our capability extends to custom leg designs, allowing for a truly personalised piece that reflects your specific taste and interior design theme. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of a rectangular table or the modern flair of a custom design, Nordic Design has the over 50 years of expertise to bring your vision to life.


Designer Dining Tables for a Centrepiece

These days, homes in Adelaide are embracing the trend of designer dining tables as centrepieces in the dining room. Our custom dining tables cater perfectly, combining functionality with luxury. The handcrafted tables are designed to be the focal point of your dining area, setting the stage for beautiful, memorable gatherings.

For something contemporary consider the Mason Dining Table, featuring sleek design lines and a modern black base, the Mason Dining Table is a beautiful example of Nordic Design craftsmanship. A Table that will make a stand-out first impression.

If you also appreciate more traditional design elements the Strata Dining Table could be the perfect addition. Standing on a pedestal base with softly curved table ends, this table feels classic and inviting.

A custom dining table serves not just as a dining space but as a versatile platform for various activities – from homework sessions to crafting, making it a true cornerstone of daily life. The robust design and finishes used on our dining tables ensures durability while maintaining a sleek, elegant appearance that complements any interior.


Enhancing Urban Spaces with Luxury Dining Room Furniture

An 8-seater Dining Table can be a perfect fit for urban homes or apartments. Our 8-seater dining tables are designed with versatility in mind, featuring sleek lines and contemporary designs that enhance the utility and appearance of even the most compact spaces. With multifunctional features, like an extendable table, these tables provide the perfect solution for modern living without compromising on style or comfort.

For those living in more compact settings, our extendable dining tables offer the flexibility to adjust the size according to your needs. This means you can enjoy a large table when needed and conserve space when not in use. Our designs integrate an innovative butterfly mechanism that make the transition effortless, ensuring that style and functionality are in perfect harmony.

Consider a Fitzroy Extendable Dining Table, which can be used daily as a 6 – 8 seater and open to comfortably fit 12. Versatile designs like our Extendable Dining Tables are exactly why Nordic Design Furniture has been the premier stop for dining tables that are both versatile and handcrafted to the highest standards, and have been for over 50 years.



Choosing an 8-seater dining table from Nordic Design means choosing a piece that celebrates the best of Adelaide’s craftsmanship. It means inviting luxury, sustainability, and bespoke design into your home. As you gather around your new table, you’ll know that it’s not just a piece of furniture, but a cornerstone of your home life, rich with stories and surrounded by love.

Explore our collection today and discover the perfect 8-seater dining table that reflects your style and meets your dining needs. Whether you are looking for a table to host large parties or a versatile addition to your living space, Nordic Design’s handcrafted, customisable, and sustainable options are sure to exceed your expectations.

For those in Adelaide and South Australia looking for a dining table that offers both style and functionality, Visit our Showroom in Stepney. We are conveniently located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking). We have plenty of Dining Furniture on display showcasing a variety of timbers and finishes. We also have a digital photo library with thousands of previous customer pieces that you can browse for inspiration. View our social media gallery to stay up to date and peek into our showroom.