So, you’re considering an Extendable Dining Table for your home… But what are the benefits of having an extending table? For almost 50 years, Nordic Design have specialised in crafting Solid Timber Dining tables – in particular, extension tables. Using quality materials and crafting techniques in our local furniture factory to ensure a premium quality outcome.

While a Dining Table is a personal choice, there is a growing desire for Extendable Tables. The flexibility they offer from daily living to entertaining makes them a great addition to any home. Especially popular for growing families as it promises to accomodate plenty of seating year upon year…

And of course, as we approach the end of the year when gatherings with family and friends are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the idea of an Extension Table sounds very appealing.

blackwood timber extension dining table made in Adelaide

While to some, the thought of committing to an Extendable Dining Table can seem overwhelming due to how large it grows, it’s actually far more practical… For day to day use it remains compact and modest amongst your living space, and when required for special occasions it can temporarily extend to comfortably seat extra guests while sharing food, drink and conversation. So really, it makes perfect sense!

What Makes a Nordic Design Extendable Table Unique?

First of all (and we think most importantly), none of our furniture is mass-produced. Instead, everything we do has been designed and crafted locally to your individual requirements. This means your Extendable Dining Table is built to the highest of standards and incorporates the finest attention to detail. Have you seen a Dining Table you like but the size or style doesn’t quite fit the space you have? Or it doesn’t come in the specific shape or colour you really want? At Nordic Design, we can accomodate all of your personal requests. Start by choosing (or creating) the design you like. Next, select your preferred timber from our wide selection, or have us closely colour match to existing furniture pieces you have. And finally, determine the size you require and we can build to exactly your specifications.

Custom Extension Dining Table made in Adelaide

So what makes our Extension Dining Tables so unique is that they are unique. Each and every one has been individually hand crafted based on individual client requirements – so you know your table will be one of a kind. How special is that?

Not only will your table be aesthetically considered, but the functionality is second to none. Our extension mechanism is discreetly hidden beneath the table top when closed, and when extended will seamlessly emerge from the centre and accompany the rest of the table top. Taking only seconds to open and close, you’ll love having the option to expand or retract for any occasion.

How Does an Extendable Dining Table Work?

At first appearance (when closed), your Dining Table will sit at its smallest size. Then, gently pull your table from each end to separate the top and expose the sunken ‘extension leaf’. From here, lift the leaf and flatten out to form the extra table top. Then, gently push from either end of the table to seamlessly join the leaf with the remaining table top to form a continuous surface area. The mechanism itself glides smoothly for an effortless transition between open and closed.

Of course, while that sounds simple enough, it’s much easier to see it in action…

Extension dining table locally made from solid mountain ash timber with pedestal base and rounded corners

What Shape Best Suits your Home?

Dining Tables can come in many shapes, from something with corners like a square or rectangle to something without corners like a circle or oval shape. Just give us the measurements of your space with the number of chairs you need and we can help you pick the shape that best suits your home. While it’s most common to opt for an Extendable Table in a rectangular shape, there is no limitation. If you desire a Round Dining Table for daily use, we can accomodate this by having it transform into an oval extension. Or start with a Square Table that enlarges to a rectangle once opened.

Depending on the space you have and your lifestyle, we can work alongside you to determine the most successful shape and size for your Extension Dining Table.

Other Dining Furniture to Suit your Home…

If you’ve chosen to have an Extendable Dining Table as part of your home, you might be needing some additional furniture pieces to complete your Dining Setting. Whether needed as part of a formal dining room, or to sit harmoniously as part of an open living space, we can offer a range of options to accompany your new table.

Perhaps you’re in need of some dining storage or you’d like a display unit for your crystal-wear? You could simply want a console table for something less intrusive? Talk us through your home and the items on your ‘wish list’. From here, we can offer our years of experience and various suggestions to complement the vision you have.

Why not visit our our large furniture showroom, located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking) and view our range of Extension Dining Table – alongside plenty of other furniture. We would love the opportunity to design and craft a designer Dining Table for your home.