Updating your Dining Chairs comes with a list of considerations…  From design, upholstery and comfort options, there are many variations for you to consider from. At Nordic Design, we have been locally crafting quality Dining Chairs for almost 50 years. This allows us to offer our customers something that isn’t mass-produced and more unique. So, let’s delve into more of the options available and explore the different ways you can combine your selections for a Dining Room Chair that will ‘sit’ perfectly in your home…

fabric dining chair with high back and timber dining table
How to Choose a Design for Your Dining Chairs…
Choosing a style of Dining Chair should be based on your home and lifestyle. Consider what your Dining Room Chairs will be used for – whether it’s daily meals and family time, or specifically for dinner parties and special occasions – or perhaps you prefer a multi-use chair to suit all moments? We can customise a Chair to perfectly accommodate your preferences…

For those looking for something to fulfil a formal dining room, why not consider a High Back Dining Chair? As formal dining rooms are usually saved for special occasions or fancy dinner parties, these chairs will be sat in over a longer period of time while eating and socialising. The option of a higher back offers additional comfort to make gatherings extra comfortable. The high back design also creates a grand impression which naturally lends itself to a formal seating area and is in keeping with the feeling of a separate dining room. And the option of a Leather Dining Chair will take the feeling of formal luxury to the next level.

leather high back dining chair with head roll and matching dining table
Of course, if your dining space is part of an open plan concept, you’re probably on the hunt for something a little more casual…  Choosing a Low Back Chair is probably more desirable as it won’t obstruct the open plan view and will create a feeling of more space. And if you want to maintain the feeling of space, perhaps an open back chair would be even more appropriate? By having your Dining Table and Chairs as part of your main living area, it’s usually ideal to create a cohesive vision with complementing colours or design styles. You may wish to match some Fabric Dining Chairs with your lounge suite, or instead add a patterned fabric in a similar colour palette to create a visual story. There are plenty of options when it comes to creating a visual theme.

If you prefer an organic style and enjoy showcasing natural materials, then the choice of a Timber Dining Chair is ideal. With your chosen timber as the main feature, you can admire the unique grain variations as a form of artwork. Paired in your choice of upholstery for the seat cushions, you can add some warmth and personality with colour, pattern or texture.

timber dining chair made from Tasmanian Blackwood
If you rather relaxed and casual seating, we also offer Bench Seats. Made to your required length and in your choice of fabric or leather upholstery. Whether as stand alone benches, or paired with matching Dining Chairs, this style of seating always feels so inviting.

At Nordic Design, we offer Modern Dining Chairs, incorporating smooth finishes and minimal lines, but we can also create more traditional styles with rolled head features or even carver arms. With so many existing styles to explore in our showroom, you can easily visualise the possibilities. And if there isn’t something that fits your brief, we can customise a Dining Chair to your specific design requirements. We craft a range of Dining Chairs in our local furniture factory and enjoy seeing the different customer selections each week to keep us inspired.

What Defines a Designer Dining Chair?

The key word is “designer”, as you get to be involved in designing your Dining Chairs to ensure they’re made to your individual requirements. Not only can you choose the specific design you prefer, but you can also choose from hundreds of fabric and leather options to guarantee a chair that’s exactly how you image. We even allow you to sit in a range of chairs to determine your preferred level of comfort and support. We think this is pretty special, because your Dining Chairs should never compromise on comfort.

black leather dining chair with round dining table
As nothing we craft is mass produced, you can feel special in knowing your Adelaide Dining Chairs are not available at any store and have been especially crafted for you. No only will you have a unique Dining Setting as part of your home, but it allows for furniture to be passed down to future generations and still be appreciated for its uniqueness.

We predominantly manufacture our Designer Dining Chairs and Dining Tables from Australian Hardwood Timbers. This is something we are very proud to offer our customers. You can choose between Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Mountain Ash, Western Australian Jarrah, Tasmanian Silver Wattle or American Oak. With this range of selection, you are ensured a quality item that’s durable and will last for many years. We also love being able to celebrate the use of natural materials in our furniture pieces, as they offer a luxurious and unique look between each item. However, we also offer colour matching if you have existing furniture items you wish to pair with your new Timber Dining Chairs.

If you’re looking to complete your Dining Space with some matching Bar Stools, this is something we can assist with too. Let us craft a set of Stools to match your Dining Chairs for a cohesive look. We can make your custom Bar Stools to any height so they sit comfortably at your bar or counter. With the option of back support, or a no back style, we can craft your stools so they sit perfectly as part of your Dining area.

What Dining Table Should I Pair With My Designer Dining Chairs?

A Designer Dining Table of course! If you’re contemplating a full upgrade of your Dining Suite, why not consider a new Dining Table crafted in matching timber to entirely freshen up your dining space? Of course, all of our Dining Tables are locally crafted as well, and can be customised to your specific requirements.

Visit our large Showroom located on Magill Road (with plenty of rear parking), to explore the variety and quality of our Dining Furniture up close.